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Building the Epiphany

Building the Epiphany

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Building the Epiphany

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Created/Edited: Apr 10, 2011 / Apr 11, 2011

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Getting the Frame

After must deliberation and conversations with James at Freeborn in Horesham I decided to go for the Mark 2 SST1 2010 Ellsworth Epiphany. Why? Well my Isis was getting on in years and I think that I was reaching the limitations of what could be done on a 4" travel single pivot. The brake jacking, while not a big issue, was always in my mind on a technical descent. I seem to puncture on nearly every ride which may be due to this. Well I know its a pretty poor excuse for a new bike!!! I was fortunate enough to have some spare cash and took the plunge.

New Frame Arrived

Ellsworth Epiphany

The frame arrived at my neighbours house on Tuesday 29th April. I collected it. Put it and the new forks straight in the car and shot round to the LBS to get the headset fitted.

New Frame Arrived

I walked through the door and said I been told that they would fit the headset if I took it round. They said they were very busy and did not remember that conversation. I pleaded and the put it in after much drooling over my new frame and 2011 Talas forks! They charged me £25 for the honour!!! Not pleased as a headset press was £35!!!! But I was desperate to get the bike built cos I had promise a mate, who was getting married soon, a stag ride on Sat.

So headset was sorted. The rest, I thought, would be dead easy!! I cut the steere tube and attached the forks. Easy!!

Cutting the Steerer Tube

I attached the stem and bars. The front brake, Hope, was IS and the new forks were 73mm post mount. I needed an adaptor. Trying to get any sense out of the LBSs around was nigh on impossible. I decided that I need a Hope J mount after talking to various people so I ordered that from Wiggle.

Ellsworth Epiphany


I attached the rear brake and it fitted but the rear wheel and rotor didn't fit. This really puzzled me. Next day I decided to lash out on a new rear disc and then though "blow it I'll get the front too". They were due the next day.

Avid Elixir R Disc Brakes

I then removed the new front mech from the box and tried to fit it. Wrong mech. It was designed to bikes with a welded tab on the seat tube. Couldn't believe it. Phone up shop and they apologise. Back it went and they promised to next day ship one out along with the brakes!!

Installed the BB without a hitch, changed the rear mech hanger for a nice red one that Freeborn had put in the box and attached the rear mech.

The following day the brakes and new front mech arrived. Great. Front brake went on not prob. When attaching the new rotor I realise that I had switch my old front and rear rotor the other day without realising and that was why the rotor wouldn't fit on the back. I had originally stripped down the wheel to get them trued and a few spokes replaced but had decided that there wasn't enough time for this if I was going to get that "stag ride" on Sat. So I had inadvertently switched the rotors when I built it up again! What an idiot!! Well I had a new rear brake now!! I offered up the brake and you wouldn't believe it. The hose was too short!! I phoned the shop up and they couldn't believe it. They said that they always use Avid Elixir brakes cos the are the right size and never need cutting. Well it wouldn't fit my Epiphany. James suggested I measured it, which I did. 120mm. He said, "No way! It should be 140mm!!" He profusely apologised and got another in the post. Oh boy my patience was being seriously tested.
By the way the Hope J mount was useless and went back to Wiggle!!

XT Front Mech

I put on the front mech which now fitted fine. Cabled both front and rear mechs and adjusted them after putting on a new chain. No probs there. Put on the Hope rear brake for the all important ride. Slid in the seat post. Yea ready to roll. Set the sag on forks and rear shock. Bike ready to ride by Friday night.

My New Bike!!

Phew just made it in time.

Put on some new coloured bits!!

Shiney New Bits!



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MalibuMost Excellent


Voted 10/10

Mr. Livo, these things never go as easily as planned. Great build, though, and glad you had it done on time.

Interesting how you pastured an Isis and end up with an Epiphany while my riding bud had to retire a cracked Joker frame for a Moment, essentially a longer travel Epiphany. Almost strange parallels occurring. I think this means you are going to have to make a riding trip to the PNW. We'll show you around the best stuff.
Posted Apr 10, 2011 11:51 pm

Andy LivoRe: Most Excellent

Andy Livo

Hasn't voted

Yea that is amazingly similar!!! Did toy with the Moment but felt it was too much "bike" for me really! Will have to come over and ride your way that's true!! Would be cool.
Posted Apr 11, 2011 3:49 pm

BeDrinkableWow, good read.


Voted 10/10

Sorry to hear about all the headaches, but now it makes a good story! And of course, you have new brakes.
Posted Apr 11, 2011 9:49 am

Andy LivoRe: Wow, good read.

Andy Livo

Hasn't voted

It always ends up like this when trying a build. Brakes do seem very good and easy to set up once on the bike. Much easier than the old Hopes which were a pain with the spacers.
Posted Apr 11, 2011 3:51 pm

Viewing: 1-4 of 4