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Cat Hills, West, 14/05/2011

Cat Hills, West, 14/05/2011

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Cat Hills, West, 14/05/2011

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Cat Hills, 14/05/2011

Saturday's weather was forecast so-so, but the afternoon went sunny. As I did not have much time for a remote drive, and since the ground was dry thanks to steady sun of the last several days, I decided it was time to try the Cat Hills ("Kocie Góry"), a bucolic hilly region on the North of Wroclaw. And such a small ride would be perfect to try the new Barro tubeless.

I knew the regions north from my city could make a good alternative for small rides, being much closer than the Sudetes which I start to know quite well. But curiously, I never found the time neither envy so far, perhaps due to my drunkenness of high mountains, also the fact the whole center needs to be crossed, and this is the same way than to my workplace... An advertisement seen this spring, that led me to visit the official site, made me take the plunge (for some reason the site is marked as containing currently a malware, but you can browse it, it's OK).
The Cat hills
The advert

So I decided to pick the last trail, the "Crown of the Cat Hills", supposedly the hardest since going to all highpoints. These bike trails were designed and marked recently so my map did not have them. But after riding the first 3 or 4 kilometers on asphalt while avoiding each piece offtrail, I decided this was not my type of ride and picked the pedestrian trails, which proved very soon to be much funnier and made excellent singletracks. But here we are, the pedestrian marking is not perfect as well: a couple of supposed paths led me to cross fields of high nettles, and my ride went a bit like an exploration of every bit here and there, often coming back to the same junctions, to draw the network of possible places. All together it did not less than 37km on a quite small area.

I'm hoping this way to be able to take friends in the future and show them the best of the area. Still having in mind when Alvaro and Unai telling me in the Strzelin Hills, similarly explored treee years earlier: "wao, Eric, you're a GPS man !". Since the Cat hills are really close to my workplace I'm hoping to spend few end of afternoons in the longest days of June to extend the exploration...
Cat Hills map of the good singletracks
Cat Hills map of the good singletracks...

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