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Converse Basin
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Converse Basin

Converse Basin

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Location: California, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 36.78935°N / 118.96717°W

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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Converse Basin was once the largest grove of Sequoias in the world until it was surpasses by Redwood Mountain Grove in 1913 due to logging. Today, you will find a mirad of enormous, blackened stumps throughout the basin.

The grove is crisscrossed by once mining trails which have turned into unpaved roads. These can be heaven for any biker who visits the area.

Generally, much of these roads are designed to give an upclose view rather than a far off one; one reason rarely does anyone go inside. Even so, there are plenty of viewpoints all around for a look into the distance.

Chicago Stump is the largest of the many towering stumps in the area. It was exhibited for display in the 1897 world fair held in Chicago. Due the the emensity of the tree, it had to be cut it several small pieces. Thus upon arrival and completion of reassembling it, visitors complained that it was really several smaller trees pieced together by the workers. The stump is reached by a short hiking trail near the heart of the grove.

Getting There

Converse Basin
The nearest major city to the grove is Fresno. From there, go east on CA-180. This road begin climbing up into the foothills of the Sierras. From there, the road becomes the Kings Canyon Scenic Highway though the name CA-180 is still carried. Continue pass the Big Stump entrance station to a Y-fork intersection. Take the left fork for Cedar Grove.

Continuing on, the road begins climbing up. Pass by the McGee Vista Point as the road peaks at the very prominent Cherry Gap. At the gap, turn left onto an unsigned dirt road (or continue on to the "official entrance" a few miles down). Either park at the dirt space in front of the road or continue in and park there.

If you are planning on being in there for more than half an hour, be sure there isn't any food in the car. This is still bear country!

Fees, Permits, Regulations

Spanish Mountain from Converse Basin
No permits or fees are required to enter. In fact, if passing through the Big Stump entrance, skip the fee station and continue on as the land is run by the National Forest Service, not the National Park Service. Camping is not allowed within the grove. There really are no suitable campsites anyways. Also, keep the bikes to the roads, not the hiking trails. They are plenty enough for the average biker.

External Links

These are some useful sites you may wish to visit before heading into the grove.

Giant Sequoia National Monument- Official site of Giant Sequoia National Monument whom the grove is owned by.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park- Check through this site for special regulations and ect. differing from that of the forest service since you will be bypassing the park.


Spanish Mountain from Converse BasinConverse BasinChicago Stump Road/Loop