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Crank Bros Candy SL Pedals

Crank Bros Candy SL Pedals

Crank Bros Candy SL Pedals

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Pedal overview

What Dealers Say:

These MTB pedals offer the same features as all Crank Brothers pedals including exceptional performance in all riding conditions. The unique four-sided design is easy to clip into, and sheds mud easily and quickly. Unlike many other pedal systems, the retention does not affect the release tension - that is, the pedals holds you securely, yet still releases easily (unlike other systems which become harder to release from if you increase the retention). It also comes with fewer parts than any other clipless pedal system! The added composite pedal platform offers additional shoe/pedal interface stability and looks super cool to boot!

What I say:

I couldn't have chosen a better pedal to ride with! As stated above, the pedals hold you securely, but they are always easy to release from. Being as these were my first set of clipless pedals, the ease of release what a huge factor. Yes, I still bloodied up the knees and elbows even with the easier release, but trust me, it could have been a lot worse!

I've ridden these pedals on all kinds of terrain. They are classified as "All Mountain" pedals and they are truly that. Montana is known to have some TERRIBLY sticky mud...we call it "gumbo"...and despite the fact that it stuck to my tires so bad they wouldn't even turn, I was always able to easily clip into my Candy SL pedals.

As I've already said, the pedal engagement is nice and firm, but you don’t have to torque and twist your knees to pop free when you need to pop out of the pedals and bail. Easy in. Easy out. Mud, dry, or whatever.

Another great feature is that you can choose between a generous 15 and 20 degrees release point, depending on how you orient the cleats on your shoe. Needless to say, if you're new to clipless pedals, go with 15 degrees! I've been happy with it, and have chosen to stay with 15 degrees...its still stable and easier to bail.

Techy stuff & Specs

Spec Name Candy SL//
Weight 294g per pair
Spindle Stainless steel
Body Fiber composite
Kick Plates Stainless steel
Wings formed s45c carbon steel
Springs 300 series stainless steel
Endcap Aluminum
Standard Cleat Included (3 bolt pattern adapter available
Shims Included
Release Angle 15 -20 degrees
Grease Fitting Included
Max rider weight No restrictions...even fatties
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $126

Customer Service

If customer service is something that you're looking for when you're looking into pedals, Crank Brothers is the way to go. I've only had one issue with the pedals since I've had them: I was riding in a XC/Downhill race and I blew out a rear tire...when that happened, I somehow smacked my pedal on a rock as I was trying to exit the course without causing a pileup. When I hit the rock, the bottom side egg beater was crushed and snapped.

I called in to the customer service/warranty telephone number and asked them if that was something that the warranty would cover. I knew full well, that it wasn't covered, but I thought it would be worth a shot anyway. I explained to them what had happened, they straight up told me that it wasn't covered under warranty, but to send them back to them and they'd repair them at no cost.

I did just that, and received them back proptly with new egg beaters on both pedals, new bearings, endcaps, and springs. All for something that wasn't even covered by the warranty. With quality products and service like this, I am a committed customer for life!


The only complaint that I've ever heard of is regarding the bearings. They have been known to wear out in about a year under heavy riding conditions in harsh environments. I've had no issues whatsoever with this and I consider myself an average rider.

The pedals do come with a 2 year warranty though which would cover the bearing repair/replacement. After the 2 year warranty is up, Crank Brothers does sell bearing replacement kits and it is a relatively simple fix to get you back on the bike again.


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