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Cross-Duathlon Żyrowik

Cross-Duathlon Żyrowik

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Cross-Duathlon Żyrowik

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Location: Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 50.45143°N / 18.12850°E

Date: May 25, 2013 12:00 am


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Me at the bar
Julen at the bar
Me, cycling part
Julen and me reaching the transition zone
Julen, cycling part
Podium category M30. Yes it s me the second !
The bike numbers
Colorful numbers...
Julen and me after our podiums

I heard about "Cross-Duathlon Żyrowik " a year ago while chatting at the end of Terratlon. Some guy told me about it and google helped me for the rest. MTB and running, what could be better? Another motivation when fellow Julen from Spain told if I would go he would too. The event's date was a bit close to Beskidy Trophy but oh well. We both registered under the team "Daleko Jeszcze ?" ("still far ?")

"Cross-Duathlon Żyrowik" is a very local event which consists in a 3km trail-run, 10km MTB, 3km run and 10km MTB again, and again at the end 3km. What's interesting, the bike route was repeating some parts of the Bike Marathon of Zdzieszowice that took place two weeks earlier (under heavy rain; Julen attended but not me), like a miniature of the same race keeping the best steep parts of the St. Anne hills.

I knew it would be hard to beat Julen: he runs much faster (his time on 10km is 40mn while mine is 44) and even if I have a small advantage on the bike, it certainly is not enough to catch up.

Despite the fact that over 50 people who registered, only thirty were at the start - amongst which the main organizer himself ! The numbers were very colorful, a bit like for some sort of gay-parade :)

Talking in the car with Julen I told him that given the presence of nationalties flags on the start list and being foreigners, people would probably be curious to ask who we are, and did we find the event. I was right ! "International" was a word repeated countless times through speakers and even the TV of the Opole region interviewed us in the background of a reportage ! "When did you land in Poland" someone even asked ! And to the question "Do you speak Polish?" I replied "Oh, no, I just speak Occitan and my colleague Basque language" :)

The start was given and everyone rushed quickly forward. I did not want to start too fast, because there was a huge climb my heart likes it less than moderately. But Julen without any problems. People passed through the point of return and crossed each other. I did not run too strong in the descent not to sollicitate my knee too much, because of the problem I had not long ago. Then I jumped on the bike and started the fight for real. I felt immediately like being in Złoty Stok the weekend before, and I cleared a bit the horizon overtaking many people. The way up was steep, and then rode along the A4 motorway, and finally a delicious ride down. Then I noticed Julen and chased him. We arrived together into the transition zone.

But the second run was very difficult due to the energy I spent to catch him back, not so usefully indeed. Julen literally left me in running, and during the downhill part someone almost caught me back, but I managed to jump on the bike quickly enough.

I repeated the bike loop completely alone, not overtaking anyone. But I did not pedal slower, not to let anyone catch me back, and above all build myself a sufficient advance for the third run which for sure would be tough. This time I failed to catch back Julen, but I saw him running down while I ran up, and noticed he gained one position being now fifth. It later turned out that fought hard during the bike, and secured his position during the run. As for me I did not see anyone threatening behind I ran down quietly for the last time down not to waste my knees before the Trophy. I finished in seventh position.

After the run, was that the awards ceremony, and we noticed trophies were planned between age categories, so we were wondering if any of us would have a chance. It turned out that both of us were invited! Julen was third in the categories of M20 and I was second in M30 (after the winner !) I felt a little uncomfortable having a bigger cup than Julen since he had a better result.

Again, a lot of questions from the organizers, and once again we were invited to the podium for a diploma of the "Friends of Poland". Despite the fact that very few people took part, we were quite proud of it: it was very visible that the first fifteen came from the "triatlonistic microcosm", and we fought hard, especially Julen.

The soup was delicious, lots of gadgets were given in the start package, and even horses parade with Napoleon costumes took place ! In Żyrowa is located a magnificent palace with horse stable which I recommend visiting by the occasion. This amateur event was very successful, somewhat reminding bicycle race in Biały Kościół a year ago. Congratulations to the inhabitants of Żyrowa !