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Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra

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Czarna Góra

Page Type: Trail

Location: Dolny Śląsk - Lower Silesia, Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 50.24995°N / 16.80788°E

Trail Type: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain, Cyclocross, Trials, Touring

Technical Difficulty: Medium

Aerobic Difficulty: Medium

Layout: Loop

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Created/Edited: Sep 9, 2008 / Nov 19, 2009

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Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra, "black mountain", is a lonely sharp cone that forms the second part of the Śnieżnik massif. Unlike this one, which is located on the border with Cezch Republic, Czarna Góra is entierely located in Poland. However, Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik both belong to the same range (which Czech geographers tend to group under the name of "Jeseniky"), which forms the East high part of the Sudetes with Praděd and Šerák.
This mountain is famous for cyclers and mountain-bikers of different sorts for 2 main reasons:
- An asphalt road (closed to cars) leads almost to the top, where is an antenna.
- The grassy slopes of the ski station on its east side will fulfill the ambitions of descenders with suspended bike.

As for me and my old rigid bike, the descent via the ski track is not for me, however there are other interesting ways than the ski and the asphalt road to ride it down.

This area also deserves more than the simple ascent of the top (near the mountain is a road on a high pass, where you can get by car). The whole area is made of gentle forests and meadows, and the start can be made further.
As I came from Wrocław and since this approach made the drive also shorther, I decided to use the little village of Konradów as a starting point.

Czarna Góra

Trails Description

Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra

Cycling map of Czarna Góra, Sudetes, Poland

From the car park of Konradów, cycle down few houses and take the red-marked cycling trail on the left (west). It goes steeply for a while and turns left to reach yellow marks of a pedestrian trail. These marks are for pedestrians but the way is a wide path so it can be cycled easily.
It keeps going up for a while and reach the level of a wide meadow where it becomes more flat. Views are breathtaking here, the trail is beautiful to cycle, and you see the shape of Czarna Góra ahead.
Later, it goes down, pass a group of houses with a ruin of castle, and climbs again, getting nearer the road.
Just before the road, you don't have to follow exactly the yellow. You can turn left and continue in the field, reaching the road only in the last moment on the top of the pass.
Here starts the closed road to the summit, marked in blue for the first part. Follow the road, which becomes flat for a long section. At the junction of the green hiking trail, the slope suddenly changes and climbs very steeply, before the bend. After the bend it still climbs but more gently. Only the very end is steep again.
Then we reach the big iron gate of the building of the antenna, with fences around it. The way the trail was badly and uncomfortably diverted in order to circumvent this ugly building is a bit disappointing.
Very narrow, it goes between the fence and trees brances for some 100m. Forget about cycling from this point until the top, to which you will push the bike, despite it becomes a bit nicer after the fence, in open forest.
The upper part of Czarna Góra is made of beautiful conifers and bilberries.
On the top stands a nice wooden tower-balcony, with a picnic table, which allows savouring the panorama over the trees. From there you see clearly Śnieżnik, and the trail going in its direction.
Take this trail for the way down. The first rocks passed carrying the bike, you will need to be extra-concentrated on the first very rocky meters. Then, the lowest, the easiest. At the junction with the red, turn left and keep going down on the left. At the cross of Żmijowa Polana, go north on this trail marked with green cycle marks (but not on my map). Fine descent until the village of Sienna (ski accomodations and restaurants), asphalt on the last part.
Follow up the main road for a while in the direction of the pass (west). Difficult, after such a descent... At the little white chapel (Puchaczówka Kapliczka), take the green-red marks for pedestrians (but cyclable). Here stand few "Bacówka", wooden huts where in summer people make cheese, you can buy one on the way.
Cycle north in the direction of Wilczyniec, and be careful to take right at the little junction, otherwise you land on the unmarked which takes you back quicker to the main road of Konradów.
At the junction with green-marked cycling trail, turn left. A long descent takes you straight back to Konradów in front of your car.

Getting There

Czarna Góra
Czarna Góra

Konradów is absolutely a safe place, park without any worries in front of the church, where it stays in the visibility of neighbourhood.
This village is quicly reached from Wrocław after Klodzko, as we turn in the direction of Lądek Zdrój.
If you have time, visit Lądek Zdrój. This is one of the oldest health resorts in Europe, luxuous and old-fashinned style. Because of its popularity all the surrounding countryside is a touristic area and has numerous accomodations.

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