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Day Before the Storm
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Day Before the Storm

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Day Before the Storm

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: California, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 33.53767°N / 117.27545°W

Date Ridden: Dec 21, 2008 12:00 am

Activities: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain

Season: Winter


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A Need to Go Riding.

Amazing Day
View from the Shivela Trail
Number of Trails Ridden: 6
Miles Ridden: 15.5 miles
Elevation Gained/Lost: 1,047ft
Hours: 4.3

Well it had been a few weeks since I had gone riding, so that needed to change. Since I had just gotten off from school, I decided it was time. However, the problem was, it had been raining for four days before. Luckily, there was a three day gape between the storm that had passed and between the one that was supposed to be coming (and it came alright). The day before was a Saturday, but I had three soccer games in a tourney (we lost all of them miserably). So Sunday was going to be the day for the riding since the storm was supposed to hit hard the next day.

Originally, I had wanted to ride to Elsinore Peak and the ride over to Los Pinos and Trabucco Peak on the numerous truck trails in the higher Santa Ana Mountains, however, my friend dad kinda messed us up and ate up nearly two hours of our riding time. So I decided on a ride at the Santa Rosa Plateau.

My brother Matt, my friend Nathan both joined me on this ride. Luckily, Nathan was more prepared then last time

The ride....

The Tree
Riding Hazards
View Towards SJ
Amazing Views
Crossing the Creek
Slaughter House
Stevenson Canyon Trail
Stevenson Canyon Trail
Huge Drop
Fun Stuff

To begin our adventure, we parked at the visitor center. We then took the Torino Trail over to the Sylvan Meadows Trail and followed that to the Shivela Trail. During this time, we thought it was a good idea to get some stretching in (especially since I was sore from my soccer games the day before).

We then continued up the trail and met up with the Stevenson Canyon Trail. We then followed this trail up into the canyon and then came back down and took the little offshoot (as mentioned in the Stevenson Canyon Trail page). My friend actually told me to do it, I was about to take the main trail both ways, but I found that the offshoot to the Stevenson Canyon Trail a great idea. After this, we finished the Shivela Trail and then met up with the Sylvan Meadows Trail again.

We continued north on this trail until we met up with the Manzanita Trail. I had ridden a portion of this trail before and didn't think much else of this trail, but when we rode it all the way through, we found it to be a really nice trail. However, it seemed really long. I almost died (well not really) in a section of this part when I got air born which almost ended me up in this creek... I took it a little easier after this. This trail proved to be really steep in section and also technical. Also, there was a tree that had fallen across the trail. It took about 5 minutes to get through that. We had to walk up this fatty hill once. Coming towards the top, we came basically right into the backyard of a private home. The guy who owned the house was real nice and he told us how to get back to the main road. So we took Avenida la Cresta all the way down to Via Entrada, the street where Slaugherhouse is on. On the way down this hill, my chain came off, and got jammed really bad. This slowed us down a little.

We took this street and then prepared our selfs for the plunge. I had never ridden this trail, but everyone had kept on telling me that it was an amazing trail. So I took their word and tried it out. The trail was amazing. I didn't think Southern California could offer such a great single Track Trail. However, it parts, it was a little overgrown...oh well.... towards the bottom, we started to find lots of golf balls. Finally, we deducted that the were hit down in the canyon from the fire station that was across the street. We picked up this opportunity and filled our packs with golf balls hehe...

Next lay the part that we were all not looking forward to; the ride up Clinton Kieth Road. This hill was brutal, but we got up it and made it back to our cars in one piece.

The Next Day?

And yes, like the forecasters predicted, it began raining that very next day. It rained for the next four days...agh

Hope you enjoy this trip report.


Huge DropGreat Day For RidingView Towards SJThe TreeAmazing DayCrossing the CreekStevenson Canyon Trail


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