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De Luz
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De Luz

De Luz

Page Type: Area/Bike Park

Location: California, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 33.49044°N / 117.18567°W

Trail Type: Downhill, Mountain

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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De Luz is an area in the Santa Ana Mountains just west of Temecula and is known for its many hills and abundance of avocado trees. De Luz begins just west of Temecula in the hills over looking it. The many mesas that form at the southern end of the Santa Rosa Plateau rise nearly 700ft and form De Luz's northern boarder. Its western boarder is marked by the San Diego County line and is southern boarder is marked by the Santa Margarita River. Its an area dominated with custom homes generally situated on 5 acre parcels. However, although there are many homes around, it still provides you with plenty of quality riding oportunities.

Although De Luz does not really have any maintained bike trails, its does offer numerous paved roads and many smaller dirt roads. The majority of the roads are paved, however, there are a few unpaved roads that make quite a nice ride. Also, when riding in this area, many people have dirt access roads coming down to the main roads from vacant lots. These make nice little side additions to a days ride.

I have lived in this area for nearly five years, and I have seen many, many people ride up and down these hills. On any given weekend throughout the year, people are constantly riding throughout these hills. It is a very popular road biking area.

Where to ride

De Luz
De Luz from Los Gatos Road
You can pretty much ride anywhere, however, there are a few spots where the majority of the people like to ride at.

Up Rancho California Road- A two mile ride one way with nearly 800ft of elevation gain ride up a paved (and really busy road). It begins in Temecula and ends in De Luz. Also, the road continues more then two miles, but the section with the hill is two miles.

De Luz Road- a long road in the NW portion of De Luz. The back end is less traveled and offers winding roads covered by century old oaks trees.

Sandia Creek Road- The majority or riders will follow this road for around 8 miles and then stop atop the last large hill just befor the county line and turn back. The first part is often crowed, but around 5 miles into it, you will generally see only a few cars.

Los Gatos Road- Probably one of the steepest paved roads I have ever been on. Its about a mile long with over 700ft of elevation gain.

Cross Creek Golf Course- Trails and roads around this corse provide for some great riding. This area is located in Walker Basin, which is a sort of bunchgrass meadow (well it used to all be like that before the golf course). Stay off the course

Note: Many riders will often combine all of these routes for one long day of riding.

Red Tape

Only red tape is that that whole area consists of privately owned land. If you respect the land and obey "no tresspassing" signs, you should be alright. Watch out for cars becuase many people in this area drive very fast and wrecklessly.

Getting There

From Temecula- From the 15 fwy, take a right (if your coming from the north) or a left (if your coming from the south) onto Rancho California Road. Follow this road west up into the mountains the overlook Temecula. After you begin driving up the hill, this is what is called De Luz. Drive around and pick a spot and begin riding.

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