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Dolina Chochołowska

Dolina Chochołowska

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Dolina Chochołowska

Page Type: Trail

Location: Podhale, Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 49.24338°N / 19.81144°E

Trail Type: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain, Cyclocross, Paved, Touring

Technical Difficulty: Medium

Aerobic Difficulty: Medium

Layout: Out & Back

Elevation Gain: 820 ft / 250 m

Length: 5.0 Mi / 8.1 Km

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Dolina Chochołowska

The valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable)

Dolina Chochołowska, the "Valley of Chochołów", after the name of the village located further north downstream, is undoubtly the finest valley to cycle in the whole Polish Tatras, with almost 8km of cycleable part.

Trail Description

The valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable)
The valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable)

At Siwa Polana, 1km south-west from the main road, is located the entrance of the National park and the car park. The cost for the entrance is (unfortunately) 10zl, which makes around 3E. This money is used for the trails maintainance in the national park. Before 7am there is no one in the hut of the toll.

If you cycle but plan to get on the spot by car, I recommend also not to parc at this place but somewhere further north, possibly near some houses, for example in the direction of the village of Koscielisko.

If you don't have your own bike, Dolina Chochołowska is also one of the few places in the Tatras where you can rent one, at the entrance of the valley. If you wish to undertake a walk in one of the the high ends of the valley, there are several spots where you can leave your bike (yours, temporarily, or the rented one, temporarily or not) in the valley, in front of the different trails:

- At Polana Huciska
- At Leśniczówka Chochołowska
- At Polana Trzydniowianska
- At Polana Chochołowska (mountain hut)

The valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable, and not only:)

From the beginning to Polana Huciska, the trail is an asphalted road. It is also possible to skate it with roller blades on all this section !

Later, a wide land-rover-type trail cobbled with granit stones. It climbs steadily, with a steep portion located just before Leśniczówka Chochołowska. Some of the less sporty cyclers may resign at this point.

The wooden church in the valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable)

Old houses in the valley Chocholowska Dolina, Polish Tatras (cyclable)

From Polana Trzydniowianska to Polana Chochołowska, the trail goes steadily again.
You cross a little gorge into which the river made its way, and then you arrive in Polana Chochołowska, a mountain pasture with many wooden barns.
These barns are not used anymore, and it is also forbidden to enter them, they are classified as national cultural monuments. Some of them are more than 200 years old ! They are a precious testimony of the old mountain lifestyle in the Tatras.
In this meadow is located also a little wooden church, which used to belong to this "village" (in the past time, it used to be a "village" during all working summer season); this chapel is still in activity and many people make pilgrimages to it.

Schronisko Górskie PTTK na Polanie Chochołowskiej

At the end of the meadow (Polana) is discretely located the mountain refuge of this valley, at the limit of the forest. "Schronisko Górskie PTTK na Polanie Chochołowskiej" can accomodate around a hundred people for a modic price. there is a local to store bikes.
There might be a lack of space during highly touristic moments of the year (nice or long week ends, summer holidays), so if you can, bring a duvet and possibly a mattress if you plan to sleep.
There is also the possibility to order just a meal, a tea, a cake, or even just a pint.

Here are a list of summits you can reach on foot from the end of this valley:
Wołowiec, Ostrý Roháč, Plačlivý, Baranec, Trzydniowianski Wierch, Konczysty Wierch, Jarząbczy Wierch, Jakubina, Starorobocianski Wierch, Grześ, Rakoń, Ornak, Osobitá...

Interactive maps

Route 360,859 - powered by www.bikemap.net

Getting There

The church in Koscielisko near Zakopane, Poland

You can either try to reach first Zakopane (from the city of Cracow, airport), or avoid it (frequent traffic jams during week ends and holidays).
In this case, from Nowy Tag, take the direction of Czarny Dunajec and then Chocholow.

Agrandir le plan

When to Bike

Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Not Winter ! :)

In the Spring, you will enjoy the views to the snowy tops while the lower parts of the mountains are green. The ideal moment is end of May. it can be still quiet cold in the mornings and evenings.
Make sure the snow has completely disappeared in the valley in late spring.

In the summer, there will be a lot of tourists on the trail, in this case start early in the morning.

The Autumn is perhaps the best season, with stable weather, colours turning red-yellow, perhaps some sign of snows on the tops, and again less people. The ideal moment is end of September to mid-october.

Cycle preferably at least 2 or 3 days after rainy weather, in order not to dirty you too much in the mud in parts located on cycling tracks.