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Ellsworth Epiphany SST1 2010 Review

Ellsworth Epiphany SST1 2010 Review

Ellsworth Epiphany SST1 2010 Review

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Created/Edited: Apr 12, 2011 / Oct 19, 2011

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Ellsworth Epiphany
Ellsworth Epiphany

Well it is rather early to be writing a review of a bike I have only ridden twice. But since I have ridden two of my favourite trails I do have a feel for the bike and something to compare it with. This review will be updated as I ride different terrain.


Size 17” (M)
Rider Height 5’5”-6’2”

Head Angle 70.0

Seat Angle 73.5

BB Height 13.7”

Top Tube 23.5”

Standover 28.8”

Chainstay 16.9”

Head Tube 4.75”

Wheelbase 43.9”

Rec Fork 140mm


Great Climber
Technical Climb on part of Long Lane

This thing will climb up anything you have the legs and lungs for. The Talas fork knocks down to 110mm for steep climbs but to be honest it felt fine at 140mm with no wavering or front wheel pull off in the steep stuff. The rear shock is a Fox Float R with valving for the Ellsworth ICT. There is no lock out and to be honest it would be a waste of extra money getting an RP23. Lock out is just not needed as bob is a minimum even on paved roads. But as soon as it gets rocky in kicks the suspension.

Technical climbing was very good partly because of the active rear end which steadies things when the terrain gets really rough. The rear end just follows with no sudden jolts when putting the hammer down. The only negative is that I did notice that my pedals clipped a few rocks when spinning up the technical stuff. This never happen with the Isis even though on paper the Epiphany has a BB height of 13.7” and the Isis 12.9”. I assume this is because of the active nature of the suspension unlike the single pivot Isis which virtually locked out when pedalling hard in the granny ring. However it did not detract from its ability in the rough stuff. The front end was really positive and easy to pull up over rocks and the active rear end followed suit! No complaints here.

Climbing on tarmac seems very smooth and can do a lot of stuff in the middle ring whereas before I was in the granny. The bob negligable. Lockout on the Talas useful on tarmac. ON fire road tracks the same was true. Very happy climbing in the middle ring.

Technical Downhill

Roych Clough
Roych Clough

Rushup Edge
Rushup Edge

This bike rocks on this type of terrain. Jacob’s Ladder is full of slabs and loose rock and the Epiphany kept its nerve through the worst. On the drops it was easy to roll it down and the back end just absorbed everything. This bike inspires confidence and I was at the bottom very soon with no shoulder/arm ache!! If the front end is pulled at a drop the back end just takes what follows. There is no sudden shudder when the rear end lands and no concerns about flatting, it’s all very smooth.

On my favourite section at Roych Clough, the Epiphany was in its element. It just rolled down almost impossible drops with ease. Ones which I have, in the past weighed up and taken a bit more cautiously, the Epiphany just took without thought. The suspension enables you to relax. This bike takes it!

Smooth Singletrack

Took the Epiphany to Llandegla on Saturday. Fantastic riding weather. The bike handled well. But to be honest it was a bit like overkill for there. Not technical at all. So I couldn't say it was particularly any better than the Isis. I think this bike really shines when it gets rough.

Played with the settings but felt that it was a long journey into Wales where as I could have had more fun nearer home!!

Need to look at the front mech settings. There was a heck of a clatter when it got even the slightest bit rough. Not really sure why that is. Not noticed it on the other terrain?


Taken a bit of time just messing with the settings. This has made a vast difference to the performnce. On the smoother trails this bike is now sorted. It handles very well indeed. The clatter from the front has also been sorted putting an inner tube along the drive side chainstay.

Really pleased with the bike its handling is second to none.


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BeDrinkable5'5" - 6'2"


Voted 10/10

That's a hell of a spread! Does Ellsworth overlap their size recommendations? Say, 5'0" - 5'9" for small, 5'5" - 6'2" for medium and so on?
Posted Apr 12, 2011 4:16 pm

Andy LivoRe: 5'5

Andy Livo

Hasn't voted

I know and I fall right on the M -> L frame size. Small is
<5'7", Large is >5'9" and XL >6'5"
Posted Apr 12, 2011 4:38 pm

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