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Eric's facts sheet and 2014 to-do list
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Eric's facts sheet and 2014 to-do list

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Eric\'s facts sheet and 2014 to-do list

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2014 race calendar

Basing on my 2013 experiences (during which I started twenty times !) here is a short calendar of things I'd like to do, or do again... Of course it's not sure I will manage to attend them all, weather or health can change plans... as well as other races :) Note that for the first time two are abroad :)
So far I paid for the three triathlons and March's first half-marathon. The rest will follow.

22 March : 1/2 Marathon Slężanski (21km)
13 April : Wrocław Bike Marathon

11 May : Bieg Mietków (run, 15km)

17 May : Bieg Firmowy

25 May : MTB Marathon Karpacz
31 May : Triathlon Sieraków (950m/45km/11km, près de Poznan)
08 June : Salomon trail cup Dolni Morava (Czech Rep)
21 June : Triathlon Karkonoszman (1900m/90km/21km)
17 July : Bike Marathon Bielawa (distance 60km)
16 August : Triathlon X-Terra Zittau Allemagne (MTB & trail, 1500m/40km/10km)

23 August : Half Maraton Jeseniky

30 August : Letni Bieg Piastów (trail running, 1/2 marathon)30 August : Letni Bieg Piastów (trail running, 1/2 marathon)20 September: Polanica Bike Marathon (60km)

7 September : Triathlon Kluczbork

20 September : Specialized Sudety

27 September: Istebna MTB marathon / Bielany

05 October: Marathon de Katowice (run, 42km) / polmaraton gorski slezanski
12 October Poznan

26 October : Half Marathon Krakowski

08 November : Marathon Beskidy

Nothing is less sure than I will manage to realize the half, unless I become a retired millionaire...
This is my bag of ideas, to make sure I won't forget my dreams and map inspirations ;)


I haven't ridden all trail in the Sudetes (this is impossible !) but almost all of the main regions were visited once. So the rest of places I want to visit are either not very popular by bike, or significantly remote from Wrocław...

MTB (Cross Country)
- Jizerske Hory, together with Smrek Singletrack.
- Trojmorski Wierch
- Petrovy Kameny
- Die Lausche
- Zittauer Gebirge

Road bike :
- Góry Bystrzyckie, Autostrada Sudecka
- Tour de Wielka Sowa
- Tour de Śnieżka
- Góry Bialskie, Marianne's road


My knowledge of the Sudetes is getting more and more complete, so I'm looking forward to turn myself to the Beskids, western regions first (having said that I cycled already quite much the Silesian Beskids...)
- Pilsko, an MTB must-do.
- Babia Góra from the south (Slovakia, yes we can cycle it there !)
- Klimczok
- Lubomir
- Polica
- Przehyba& Wielki Rogacz
- Poprad gorges

Tatras and around

Ah, the Tatras. Not very rich for the biker but so beautiful. Haven't been there in 2012 and I must remedy to it next year ! The things below rather meet dreams than genuine projects, they are farther... But such a beautiful land...
- Skorušina
- Lubochnianska Dolina, Slovakia's longest valley
- Ticha & Koprovska Dolina, biking & hiking loop, with Hladké sedlo & Temnosmrečinské pleso
- Sestrčska Dolina & Kvačianska Dolina

Czech Republic and various

- Palava hills
- Šumava national park
- Český Ráj
- Tyniecki Park Krajobrazowy

15 Highest places I cycled (>1300m), revised

1. Tuc de Labatiadère, Pyrenees, 1737m
2. Cap de Bouirex, Pyrenees, 1680m
3. Puy de Niermont, Cantal, 1620m (done in 1999)
4. Śnieżka, Sudetes
5. La Collada, Pyrenees, 1552m
6. Chata pri Zelenom Plese, Tatras, 1551m
7. Luční Hora, Sudetes, 1510m
8. Murowaniec, Tatras, 1500m
9. Praděd, Sudetes, 1492m
10. Śnieżnik, Sudetes, 1425m
11. Eget, sentier Transfrontalier, Pyrenees, 1410m
12. Šerák, Sudetes, 1351m
13. Lysá Hora, Beskides, 1323m
14. Labská Louka, Sudetes, 1320m
15. Černa Hora, Sudetes, 1300m

Best rides ever (Central Europe only), revised

2008 :
Jaworzyna Kamienica
Velká Deštná
Dolina Suchej Wody
2009 :
Szlak Orlich Gniazd
Spišská Magura
2010 :
Baabe Binz coast trail
2011 :
Barania Góra, Beskids, 1220m
Lasocki ridge & Jelenka
Szlak Orlich Gniazd
2012 :
Havranice Heath
Broumov Walls
2013 :
Plešné Jezero
Kežmarská dolina

Best rides ever (France and Spain)

- Tuc de Labatiadère, Pyrenees
- Cap de Bouirex, Pyrenees
- Pic de Saint Loup
- Suque de Quintillargues
- Boucle du Lion
- Cap de Begur
- Peña Montañesa

Most exotic places I ran (training)

- Chania, Crete, Greece
- Havranice Heath, South Moravia, Czech Republic
- Lasocki Grzbiet, Sudetes, Czech Republic
- Velika Paklenica, Velebit, Croatia
- Stara Baska, Krk, Croatia
- Palava hills, Czech Republic
- Begur, Costa Brava, Spain
- Dobków-Lipa, Sudetes, Poland
- Carcans plage, Ocean, France
- Canal du Midi, Agen, France
- Dolina Bielovodska, Tatras, Slovakia
- Canale Navile, Bologna, Italy


Tomac Champagne :)


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Andy LivoThat should..

Andy Livo

Voted 10/10

...keep you busy for a couple of weeks!!!
Posted Feb 13, 2011 11:56 am

VisentinRe: That should..


Hasn't voted

you mean a month ! drop me a MP if you feel like doing a couple of them !
Posted Feb 13, 2011 12:14 pm



Voted 10/10

...are a good thing, especially when they have something biking related attached. I made up a similar list for 2011 of rides, events, bike modifications, gear liquidation, etc. Keep the focus.
Posted Mar 1, 2011 12:29 pm

VisentinRe: Goals...


Hasn't voted

Thanks Dave !
It's perhaps due to the fact this is not the country where I was born. All these new mountains of Central Europe have for me something kind of fascinating, everything is to discover and to explore. Mostly at my personal level, but sometimes not only and I thnik few bike-recognitions are useful for the whole MB human kind (judging from what I find, or do not find, in guidebooks and internet; perhaps less true for locals). This is an extra motivation, and I am not sure I would perform so methodically if I was still living in France...
I also have such to-do list for hiking goals, which I keep up-to-date for at least ten years :)
Posted Mar 2, 2011 4:00 am

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