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Chaberton 2013
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Chaberton 2013

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<font color=blue>Chaberton</font> <font color=red>2013</font>

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This page is complementary to the Trail: "Conquering the Mountain of Thunder" and contains updates to August 2013 on the cycle access of the high altitude dirt road high "Fenils-Mount Chaberton" (14.2 Km).

The Path.

"Latest News" = "Bad News"

In July of this year I called my friend at Fenils (cattleman), for news about the condition of the dirt road for the Chaberton (3130 m).
My friend every year brings his sheep and his cows to graze on the alpine pastures of the mountain, has a concession from the municipality of Cesana Torinese, that "in theory" should ensure a minimum of maintenance of the road (at least up to Grange Qualliet - eighth kilometer).

The road is used by the farmer (only he is allowed to take it going with the off road car) to travel daily in the herds.

My friend told me that after several entreaties at the Municipality, he had managed, for "August", which were made ​​to get some repair work and safety of the road (.....it was in June that he was there!).

However, the situation of the road remained critical not to say dramatic.

Despite these bad news I evenly decided to go to test "In the Field", once again, this picturesque old dirt road for bikers.

In addition to really love this mountain and its history, I consider the ascent, with the Mountain Bike to Chaberton, a kind of extreme challenge to our limits and own abilities.

As a "Master Thesis" for every biker.

the ascent is a heart attack! the descent thrilling!

These in brief are the characteristics of the trail, with, in addition, some other minor complications that year after year have made the road a real "Calvary".
I might add these words to the title: "The climb is exhausting for the legs, the descent is devastating for the arms".

The cycle access of the trail has been dramatically reduced.
The first eight kilometers from Pra Claud Grange Qualliet (those used by the farmer) are entirely cycling, the remaining eight are for the most part of Mountain Biker (including me)a real ordeal.

About six kilometers remaining only at times you can get in the saddle pedaling, after a few tens of meters, I personally have seen to be taken by cramps also Serious cyclists.

The number of stops made ​​by me to take photographs allowed me to tackle the hill in a relaxed way although in a not really fast manner!
It took about two and a half hours to reach the top.

On the mountain I could count about fifty hikers and "only" five Bikers.
The relationship becomes every year more and more unfavorable to Mountain Biker.

I fear that if will not be made serious restoration work ((The last few dating back more than five years ago), this relationship in the coming years is likely to increase still unfavorably for Bikers.

This page is also an invitation (or rather a desperate cry for help) to the Municipality of Cesana Torinese, because intervene as soon as possible to protect this Alpine Road which is the heritage of all.

In the following pages I'll post some videos relative to the various sectors of the dirt road in hopes of making you better understand what I'm talking about.

The Fortress (Video)


With the Mountain Bike to the Fortress of the Clouds. from chaberton on Vimeo.

The Rampart (Video)

<b>3130m.</b> Finally the top!
The Rampart

Downhill with the Mountain Bike from Mount Chaberton (Part 1) from chaberton on Vimeo.

The Northern Slope (Video)

Twelve Mileage
Twelve Mileage

Downhill with the mountain bike from Mount Chaberton (Part 2). from chaberton on Vimeo.

From the Hill to the "Floor of the Deaths" (Video)

The floor of the <i><b><FONT COLOR=RED>Deaths</FONT></b></i>.
The Floor of the Deaths

Downhill with the Mountain Bike from Mount Chaberton (Part 3) from chaberton on Vimeo.

The " Cut Rock" (Video)

The Trail in the Stone.
Cut Rock

Downhill with the Mountain Bike from Mount Chaberton (part 4). from chaberton on Vimeo.

Hell Rio (Video)

Downhill with the Mountain Bike from Mount Chaberton (Part 5). from chaberton on Vimeo.

A world of Ice (Video)

Ice Jewels

Chaberton Underground from chaberton on Vimeo.

Fortress of the Clouds


Over the CloudsComes the Clouds... It close the Curtain!So close, so Far!Inside.Twelve MileageIn the Kingdom of the clouds!The Trail in the Stone.
The most beautiful place in the worldOn the shoulders of the Giant!


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