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Moonlight dinner invitation with the Mountain Bike.

Moonlight dinner invitation with the Mountain Bike.

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<font color=blue>Moonlight</font> dinner invitation with the Mountain Bike.

Page Type: Trail

Location: Turin, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 45.06900°N / 6.69061°E

Trail Type: Mountain

County: Piedmont

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Aerobic Difficulty: Easy

Layout: Loop

Elevation Gain: 500 ft / 152 m

Length: 2.0 Mi / 3.2 Km

Route Quality: 
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A beautiful way to spend a nice evening with the wife is to take her out to dinner.

Better yet if you are in the high mountains, wonderful if you convince your wife to go to a restaurant with a mountain bike.

Just a path not too technical (otherwise the wife grumbles), a restaurant not too far away (otherwise the wife gets angry), and finally a wonderful evening with the full moon (so the wives do not complain that it is too dark).....perfect if the sky is full of swallows chirp.

Then it is almost pleasant, in the end, pay the restaurant bill!


Frejus Tunnel Water Compressor

It is not just a simple walk or bike trail but also a museum of wooden sculptures in the open air.
Along this route it was held for some years the International Sculpture Symposium in the Alps and the works realized by various sculptors are located along the route of the walk.

The "walk of the channel" is so called because its path coincides with that of a channel made in the years 1859/1860 to bring in the water of the river Melezet (cropping below the village of Les Arnauds) to the yards of the Tunnel Frejus.

The Channel crossing with a slight slope, the slope of the Three Crosses, the Campo della Fiera, the Lawn of the Parish and the track parallel to Via Grandis, crossing the stream Merdovine to continue on the side of Melmise above the current ENEL.

The channel, built in 1859/60 had a water flow rate of 1500 liters per second.

The Canal was built with the arched roof and partly with big slabs in stone and brought to 10 compressors that produced the compressed air unit aimed at drilling used for the construction of the first "Tunnel of the Alps" completed in 1871.

Completed the work of the Frejus tunnel, the channel was used again until the '60s to bring in water to a turbine to produce electricity.


Starting Point.

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Getting There

Happy Wife

From Bardonecchia (Susa Valley), take the Statal Road Sp 216 direction: Les Arnauds-melezet- Colle della Scala- France.

About two kilometers from the roundabout at the entrance of Bardonecchia, you will find a parking on your left, just in front of the guesthouse "Nigritella".

Park your car, because from that point begins: "Walk of the Canal."

The Trail

Over the Channel
in the forest
It is a path (completely unpaved) of about two kilometers, characterized by a slight gradual slope (inherited from the ancient water channel), which through beautiful pastures and bordered by forests of larches and birches along over the hillside east / northeast of the mountain three crosses.

The path overlooks from its height the Alpine town of Bardonecchia allowing gorgeous panoramic past of the town and montagen that surround it.

Starting Point.
Wood Sculptures

Right at the beginning of the path on the left side you can admire the beautiful wood carvings, made by artists from across Europe, who will accompany you along the way.

After passing a short distance into the woods, you will reach a section of trail halfway up the mountain, bounded on the right by a wooden palisade.

It is the scenic stretch, where you can observe Bardonecchia and the Alps surrounding the town.

The Fountain and the Pipe.
The Fountain & the Pipe

Soon after you will pass under a large pipe of the Bardonecchia aqueduct, (draws its water from a large dam located under the mountain Three Crosses), there is also located near a beautiful fountain in the wood from which it emerges pure water even in winter.

Happy Wife
Happy Wife!

Start at a long stretch in the woods, where you can ride at full speed.

Then past a bridge over the old pipe (sold) the aqueduct and after five minutes you reach the bridge over the river Rhò.

San Ippolito
San Ippolito

Turn right and go up to the market place then left in the direction of: "Old Village" (Borgo Vecchio) of Bardonecchia.
After a short straight arrive in the square of the ancient church of St. Hippolytus, the swapped over, and fifty yards on the left, find the risotrante "Borgo Vecchio."

Returning home

The Channel (Video)

The Walk of the Channel from chaberton on Vimeo.

The Borgo Vecchio RESTAURANT


Via Des Geneys 2 / e - 10052 - Bardonecchia (TO)
tel: 0122.901332

A family-run restaurant in the village of Bardonecchia.
Typical Piemontese cuisine: Appetizers (meats, cheeses, sauces) - First Courses (based on pasta, gnocchi with melted cheese with walnuts and bacon, etc..) - Main dishes (meat typical piemontase: Braised beef, etc.).
All washed down with fine wines (try the lively BARBERA).
Finally a good proper coffee Grappa (Hips!)

Ravioli al sugo di Cervo.
Brasato al Barolo e Maiale alle Prugne.

Average cost per person € 20-25.
Average Rating Tripadvisor + + +


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