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Rochemolles: World Diving Cup from great heights!

Rochemolles: World Diving Cup from great heights!

<FONT COLOR=BLUE>Rochemolles</FONT>: <FONT COLOR=RED>World  Diving Cup from great heights</FONT>!

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The field (<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>water</FONT>) of the race.
Saturday, August 11 2012, from the wall of the dam of Enel Rochemolles in Bardonecchia, was held the diving competition from great heights with the participation of the strongest world specialists of this spectacular sport.

In the presence of three thousand enthusiastic spectators, who went up to 2000 meters of the lake of Rochemolles,the athletes, representing eleven nations, will be back on with breathtaking dives from a platform 25 meters.

An incredible leap from the blue sky to the turquoise water of the alpine lake. The air temperature was 30 °, that of water next to 10 °, no wind, humidity 45%.

In the water, a group of experts divers, are charged with the athletes. These sub, see swoop over their heads, a tunderbolt that performs stunts and somersaults; not only that, they help athletes in diving, splashing water in a small space, so the divers can see the water surface when approaching.

Athletes have literally 4-5 seconds maximum, to carry out their evolution and take the candle rigid position before entry in the water.
In the final meters of the fall of, the divers reach speeds next to hundred kilometers per hour.

In the Western Alps the show is also this : unique and beautiful.

Rochemolles-Susa Valley.
The <b<Sommeiller</b> Dam.
The field (<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>water</FONT>) of the race.

Getting There

a) Bardonecchia-Rochemolles bus and - on foot - Pedestrian Path Dam Rochemolles (2h). From the railway station take Line 5 "Rochemolles" (tickets on board - € 1.50 per trip - departure from Railway Station: 07:50 to 09:05 - 10.30 - 12:00 to 15:00 - 16.30 - 18.00; curfew daRochemolles: 08:10 to 09:30 - 11.00 - 12.30 - 15:30 to 17:00 - 18.30) once aRochemolles - immediately after the town - on the road to Sommeiller, there is a chapel dedicated to San Rocco, near which a trail begins just walking, going up to the dam. On the way, meets twice a road Sommeiller, the second intersection continuing on the right, you will reach the grange Mouchequite while, left, after a short stretch of road is the indication "Pedestrian street Dams". Continuing on from here, cross the meadows until you reach a wooden bridge crossing it and follow the path that climbs on the orographic right side of the dam will reach the top of the retaining wall.

b) Bardonecchia - Borgata Gleise - Basins Fregiusia Decauville by car and then on foot to the dam Rochemolles (1h30 '- 2h). Leaving the Piazza Statute, turn right just follow the signs for Millaures / Gleise and continue it until the town docks Fregiusia. From this point follow the path Decauville, completely flat dirt road about 6 km to the road which joins the Sommeiller, at the foot of the dam Rochemolles.

c) Using it Telecabina the Jafferau.Dall 'the cable car (paid, A / R 7 euros per person), go - walk for about 1h30'-2h - on Decauville, completely flat dirt road about 6 km which is connected the road Sommeiller the foot of the dam Rochemolles.
The competitors.
Let s go to the Rochemolles Dam.
Let's go to the Rochemolles Dam.

The Competitors & Final Standings.

The Athletes.
The Athletes.
KOHL Alan (Luxembourg)

Gary HUNT (England) World Champion

Andriy Ignatenko (Ukraine)

Grozdic Zvezdan (Serbia) has participated in 22 editions of 23

BLACK Steve (Australia)

Kutsenko Alexsander (Ukraine)

DE MOND Kent (U S A)

Todor Spasov (Bulgaria)

POLYESHCHUK Vyacheslav (Ukraine)

FISCHER Luarent (France)

WURST Christian (Germany)

FERZULI Jeorge (Mexico)

Final Standings:
1st: Michael Navratil (Czech Republic).
2nd: Gary Hunt (Great Britain).
3rd: Laurent Fischer (France).

The Specialty.

The Dam.
The launch pad can be natural: a bridge, a castle, a rock, a terrace overlooking the water or anything, or artificial, which is built with tubes, scaffolding or other structures that ensure, however, stability, compactness and solidity , high between 22 and 27 meters from the water surface of sea, river, lake or pool with a water depth of at least 4-5 meters, depending on the shape of the seabed.

In the past editions have participated in competitions athletes representing the following countries: Italy, Canada, USA, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Australia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, Bosnia - Herzegovina, France, Slovenia, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, China, Iceland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Morocco and Norway.

In 145 races held during the previous editions, it has always been a great success of audience: 20,000 people in La Coruna (Spain); 16,000 in Porto (Portugal), 13,000 in Toronto and Montreal (Canada); 12,000 to Syracuse and Polignano a Mare (Italy); 10,000 to S'Archittu of S. Catherine of Pittinuri (Italy), all attracted by the spectacle of diving, a show of athletic ability, perfect synchronization and psycho-physical balance that can be described as a launch from a building of 8/9 floors and do somersaults 4 plus 1 screw and a half and then enter at least 4-5 feet of water more than 100 miles an hour.

The winners of the previous editions:

1988 and 1989 Bob Brown (USA), 1990/1991 and 1992 Roland Mc Donald (USA), 1993 Dustin Webster (USA), 1994 Llinas Julian (Spagnia) 1995 Simone Bonelli (Italy), 1996 Polyeshchuk Vyacheslav (Ukraine), 1997 Bonelli Simone (Italy), 1998 and 1999 Dustin Webster (USA) 2000/2001 and 2002 Orlando Duque (Colombia), 2003 Zotin Sergey (Russia), 2004/2005 and 2006 Orlando Duque (Colombia), 2007 and 2008 Zotin Sergey (Russia).

Technique of diving.

Before diving into the receiving tank must be checked: there can be branches, rocks, logs, scrap, etc ...;

Height of the dive:

x calculate the speed of impact (without considering air friction) should apply the following formula: v = v (2gh) (where g is the acceleration of gravity, h is the height in meters and v the velocity in m / s)

Here is some example of the speed reached by height:

2 m = 23 km / h

5 m = 36 km / h

8 m = 45 km / h

10 m = 50 km / h

15 m = 62 km / h

20 m = 71 km / h

Base for the plunge: better to have a flat surface to properly evaluate the surface, where you can dive, although no moss can be slippery, many accidents are just being launched, there must be no obstructions between one who jumps to the beginning of the dive; who fell to control the puddle will indicate the best area where to go diving.

Thrust: the momentum must be taken without pursuit, bringing one foot forward and giving himself thrust with each other, it is dangerous to jump feet together because there is a greater chance of imbalance, using only one foot is larger than the momentum and the socket on the rock.

During the dive:
keep your body straight;
looking straight ahead and not down (the head acts as a rudder, and unbalances).
The impact with the water will always be adherent with arms outstretched to the sides or the top (dip candle) or folded in front of chest.
Entering the water must bend your legs and be ready to absorb any impact with the bottom, mouth closed.
Take a deep breath before entering the water and then exhale through the nose during access to the water to reduce the entry of water into their noses narici.Ok but only for diving from low heights, or else risk to get the effect "punch in the face. "
The <b><i>Rescue Team</i></b>!
The Rescue Team!

Angels of Heaven.



Let\'s go to the Rochemolles Dam.The <b><i>Rescue Team</i></b>!The Athletes.The Plunger.<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>Angels</FONT> of <FONT COLOR=BLUE>Heaven</FONT>.<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>Angels</FONT> of <FONT COLOR=BLUE>Heaven</FONT>.<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>Angels</FONT> of <FONT COLOR=BLUE>Heaven</FONT>.
<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>Angels</FONT> of <FONT COLOR=BLUE>Heaven</FONT>.The Dam.The field (<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>water</FONT>) of the race.The field (<FONT COLOR=DODGERBLUE>water</FONT>) of the race.The <b<Sommeiller</b> Dam.