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Turin is located in the plain bounded by the rivers Stura di Lanzo, and Sangone Po (the latter crosses the city from south to north). The city is also bathed in the Dora Riparia, which flows close to the historic center. The river Po accentuates the division between the hills and the city of Turin located in the plain between 220 and 280 meters above sea level down going from west to east. The highest point of the town is located on the Colle della Maddalena to 715 m near the Faro della Vittoria. During the winter particularly clear, impressive is the boundary created by the nearby Alps that surround the entire north-west of the city with their snowy peaks.
The Po River.
The Great Mother & "Cappuccini Hill"
The Po River.
The "Po" River.

Turin is an Italian town of 905,554 inhabitants, capital of the province and the Piedmont region.
It is the fourth Italian city in population after Rome, Milan and Naples, and is the third economic center of the country. The urban agglomeration which includes the towns near the city of Turin, covers an area of about 1100 km ², thus creating an urban area which is estimated by Eurostat has 1,700,000 inhabitants and a metropolitan area that the OECD estimated at around 2.2 million inhabitants.

Saint John

There are reports of settlements in the area of the Turin since the third century BC, refers to one or more villages of a Celto-Ligurian people known by the name of Taurini that also occupied the valleys of Susa and Lanzo. According to some sources, one of these settlements (Taurasia) would impede the march of Hannibal in his attack on Rome through the Alps, resistendogli for three days.

Turin and the Western Alps.

The origins of the town can still be traced back to the castrum built during the Gallic Wars of Julius Caesar. In 28 BC was built as a colony by the name of Julia Augusta Taurinorum, which will then map the modern name: Torino. In 312, the succession to the imperial power, took place not far the Battle of Turin, between the troops of Maxentius and Constantine of those who then came out the winner.
After the fall of the Roman Empire, Italy was under the control of the Ostrogoths, the Lombards and the Franks of Charlemagne.

The Alps skyline by <FONT COLOR=RED>Turin</FONT>.
The Alps skyline by Turin.

Brand was founded in 940 in Turin, controlled by the so-called dynasty arduinica that, through the marriage of Adelaide of Susa and Odo, son of Umberto Biancamano (founder of the House of Savoy), brought the city under the influence of the Savoy Dynasty.

After ups and downs in the following centuries also saw that the election of the city as a free municipality, Turin was finally incorporated in the possessions of Savoy.

The Royal Palace.

Capital of the Duchy of Savoy from 1563, the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1720, and then the first capital of Italy from 1861 to 1865, is one of the major universities, cultural, tourist and science in the country. See in 2006 for the XX Olympic Winter Games, is the capital of Italian automotive industry, an important center of publishing, telecommunications, motion picture, advertising, and food, design and sport.

The Mole Antonelliana.
The Mole Antonelliana.



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I ever wondered how does this city look like. How it is commuting in it by bike ?
Thanks for sharing this album !
Posted Oct 19, 2012 4:36 pm

chabertonRe: Torino


Hasn't voted

Hello Eric,
I'm glad you like the photos of my city.
Unfortunately it still uses too much the car (there are many cycle paths but they are almost always empty), things have improved since the historic center of the town was closed to vehicles and, at the same time they have activated the bike-sharing service.
I fear that it will take many more years to change the mentality of people (do not use the car).
The prohibitions, but also the price of gas at almost two euro per liter, I hope that they will reduce the time for change.
All the best.
Posted Oct 20, 2012 4:39 am

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