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Ferrata degli Alpini.

Ferrata degli Alpini.

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This page is complementary to the Trail: "The Hill of the Mule"
For anyone who want to combine a beautiful bike ride with a "walk" on a mountain.

Bike & Hike!
Bike & Hike!

At the base of Peak Charrà (2625 m), start one of the rare climbing routes of the Western Alps,:" Via Ferrata degli Alpini ".

It was built in the thirties, by digging into the rock; allowed to reach the summit of Peak Charrà and the Pass des Aiguilles. In a recess of the mountain is still present a small shelter for border guards (literally clinging to the mountain).

In 1975 this route has been completely restored by the Alpines of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense and later by the C.A.I of Bardonecchia.

It is a wonderful journey clinging to the mountain, that allows two alternatives, to reach the top, or cross the hill to enter if France, reaching the Vallon des Acles.

the Map.

The Map.

Getting there.

From Italy:
From Turin take the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia motorway, exit Bardonecchia. Then take the SS.n° 335 direction Beaulard->Puy the Beaulard->Colomion, it is an ancient dirt road. You leave the car at Peak Colomion. From Colomion (2018 m.)start the path for the Hille of the Mule (2400 m.). They are about five hours biking along the hillside, that lead you to the slopes of Mount Charrà, from where start the Ferrata degli Alpini.

Hill of the <i><FONT COLOR=RED>Mule</FONT></i>.
Bike Trail

From France:
Once you are arrived in Briançon, take the route N94, then at the village of La Vachette enter in the Valley of Clarée (route D 994 G - direction Nevache). At the Village of Plampinet take the route for Chalet des Acles (1870m.). From here you can reach the Hill of the Mule, Italian-French border and the landscapes of Peak Charrà, where start the Ferrata degli Alpini.
Building an Alpine dirt Road.
A road to Chalets des Acles

The Path.

The road dig into the Rock.
The Starting Point.
The railway part of about a hundred meters above the gigantic shelter of Rock Charrà ( built in the thirteen years), is a climb almost vertical in scree.

La : Ferrata degli Alpini .

The climbing follows an ascending path of about a mile and climbs more than 200 meters (since one hour).

A view into the void.

The jump of the rock is impressive, seems to float in the air. Along the way, some thaw landslides , forcing them to walk among the rocks.

The ghost shelter.
Ghost Shelter

Once you reach the Col des Aiguilles, you can proceed to the summit of Mount Charrà, others 220 meters in altitude, which offers an unparalleled view of the Susa Valley and the French Hautes-Alpes.

Or overcome the hill and get in France. A very bad track trail will allow you to reach the Col des Acles, the Mule Pass and then back to Italy.

Le Pas des Aiguilles
Le : Col des Acles .
Le col des Acles.

Men from the Past!

Men from the past!
Hill of the Mule, year 1939.


Men from the past!La :"Ferrata degli Alpini".The Trail....<FONT COLOR=RED>Overview</FONT>!The road dig into the Rock.A view into the void.The ghost shelter.<FONT COLOR=BLUE>Fr</FONT><FONT COLOR=GREY>an</FONT><FONT COLOR=RED>ce</FONT> <i>overview</i>!
Bike & Hike!


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