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Tyres and soles of shoes....to Ice Proof !

Tyres and soles of shoes....to Ice Proof !

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Home Made!

What are the studded tires (tires ice) for a bicycle MTB?

Many purists do not care, but who wants to have fun on the bike in the winter, two tires with nails, extending the possibility of fun.

Winter Tyres.

The tires I have made a few years ago, then ended up in the cellar, because in recent years the snow and ice were scarce, surely this winter, given the heavy snow and low temperatures, even in the plains, are back in fashion!

Going on a frozen lake, or even on icy snow and compact, it's amazing, the estate, traction and the possibility of making folds in corners that offer these tires made with nails.

To avoid falling, you must also have shoes with nails, otherwise the first time you put your foot down, you start ....


- 2 tires 26 "with large blocks apart. Measure 2.10" or 2.20 "(the tires are ok cheap)

- 2 tires 26 "from the street, even smooth. Measure 1.80"

- 4-500 parker for wood or 4x15, 4x16 better by drilling.


The realization of the rubber studded with screws Parker does not involve great difficulties, it is necessary to pay attention to the various tire drilling and screwing the screws.

In practice 100 screws per tire, are few and do not provide a good grip, especially on the side. Council of staying on 200 screws for tire, since a greater number, would certainly a good grip but there is a considerable weight and also the friction on the road is important.

4x16 self drilling screws.
4x16 self drilling screws
Wood screws 4x15
Wood screws 4x15

- The screws Parker will be screwed from the inside of the tire, it is a long process so you need to get a good electric screwdriver. To get the reference of where you need to insert the screws drilled from the outside, with tip 2mm each tile where you want to insert the nail (screw). The drilling must be performed from the outside inwards respecting the centering of the dowel and its angle of opening. This operation must be done well, with precision, obviously with the tire not mounted on the rim ....

- Once the drilling, we can proceed to tighten the screws about 200 per tire. Using a screwdriver in 20 minutes you can prepare a rubber.

- The screws should be tightened gently down without force, otherwise the rubber will crack easily.

Winter Tyres.

- At this point we can install everything on the rim. You must enter the road tire inside the tire claw, now became riveted. The tire to road serves to keep in position the head of the screws, otherwise under load would enter inside the tire destroying in a short time the air chamber.

- The tire-road in general you can not keep him inside without removing the flange sealing in special cases where the seat of the rim is very narrow and need to cut the edge of the estate.

Winter Tyres.

- Complete assembly with the appropriate tools to fit the tire. Check that all of it fits in the seat of the rim and the tube is not pinched.

- The tire is inflated to 3-4 ATM as much thrust load is exerted on the screw head, especially when you are traveling off ice / snow that is on the rocks and asphalt.


- Avoid as much as possible to go over rocks and asphalt and pay attention to any fall ...... the nails (screws) leave a mark ......

-It can be very dangerous to walk on water ice, verify that the actual thickness of the ice takes the weight ....

External Links.

Not everybody like them!

Best Grip


Winter Tyres.4x16 self drilling screws.Winter Tyres.Winter Tyres.<i>Splash</i>!Wood screws 4x15


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BeDrinkableVery nice article!


Voted 10/10

I knew that folks do this, but I have never tried it myself. Perhaps this winter I will give it a go! I do have some older tires not being used ...
Posted Nov 2, 2012 9:40 am

chabertonRe: Very nice article!


Hasn't voted

Thank you (O:
and then, good job this winter.
It is long, laborious and tedious but the end result, I assure you, you will have fun.
Posted Nov 2, 2012 11:19 am

RayMondoCar tyres


Voted 10/10

Possibly you can buy the real studs used for car tyres.
Posted Jan 29, 2013 8:12 am

chabertonRe: Car tyres


Hasn't voted

Thank you Ray.
I thought about it, but you must use a nail gun made especially for that (very expensive).
That, among other things, it is almost impossible to find, since some years, are prohibited in Italy the studded tires.
Posted Jan 29, 2013 12:48 pm

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