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l'Olive:Sixteen horsemen and one Mbiker!

l'Olive:Sixteen horsemen and one Mbiker!

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<FONT COLOR=GREEN>l\'Olive</FONT>:Sixteen <FONT COLOR=RED><i>horsemen</i></FONT> and one <FONT COLOR=BLUE><i><b>Mbiker</b></i></FONT>!

Page Type: Trail

Location: La Clarée, France, Europe

Lat/Lon: 44.99749°N / 6.64576°E

Trail Type: Downhill, Mountain, Touring

County: Hautes Alpes.

Technical Difficulty: Medium

Aerobic Difficulty: Medium

Layout: Loop

Elevation Gain: 8228 ft / 2508 m

Length: 17.0 Mi / 27.4 Km

Route Quality: 
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The valley leaves from the village of La Vachette and ends with the beautiful alpine village of Nevache.
On the mountain ridge that bounds the valley to the west, is situated the important Col du Granon, the path that I recommended it runs throughout the hillside below the Col du Granon.

The excursion to the ancient fortress of Lenlon (2508 m), is characterized by a beautiful path that can be accomplished in any season, by foot, or by mountain bike, skiing.
The old military road that leaves from the Chalets du Granon (1924 m), allows you to perform a perfect ring, which takes you on Lenlon Ridge (2482 m) and then down the Rochers des Olives, and finally to the Plateau des Olives (2239 m), then return to the chalet.

<FONT COLOR=GREEN>The <b>3</b> Hills</FONT>.
Overview: the 3 Hills.

Most of the route is on an old military road service, till today in excellent condition. It crosses the vast grassy plains, now used as pasture, on which one hundred years ago had learned to ski the Chasseurs des Alpes who garrisoned the fortresses of the border.

Talking about history with friends.

In July of this year I took advantage of the passage of my friends of: "Alpitrek," which held the annual raid on horseback through the Western Alps, accompany them to visit the ruins of the fortress of the Olive.
With a particularly pleasing to me, when we sit in a circle and I tell stories of ancient forts and men who there spent their young lives.

Here come the <FONT COLOR=MAGENTA>Amazons</FONT>.
Beautiful Amazons!
Peaceful and tireless Horses.
Quite and tired Horses

Aerial View.

Aerial View.

The Map.

The Map.

Getting There

Getting There.

From France -Briançon:

Take the route National 94 in direction Hill of Montgenévre, after 15' by car, you have to turn on your left (La Vachette) on the Route National D99G; once you arrive at the village of la Draye (15'), from your left start the dirt alpine road that leads you to the Chalets du Granon (25'). Once you arrive, you have to leave your car, it stricktly forbidden to run with fourweelers on the ancient military road.

From Italy-Bardonecchia:
take the route Gr 76A direction Les Arnauds-melezet-Vallée Etroite- Col de l'Echelle. Afetr have crossing the Col de l'Echelle (25' by car), you find the Route National D99G (Vallée de la Clarée), turn on yopur left and after 20 by car you arrive to the Alpine Village of La Draye, then the same indications for the Chalets du Granon (dirt road).

Trail Description

From the Alpine village of Granon (1924 m), start the military road to the Hill and the Fortress of Lenlon.
The village is beautiful, old chalets, renovated and lived, with beautiful gardens filled with colorful alpine flowers.

Les Chalets du Granon.
Les Chalets du Granon.

The military road, absolutely prohibited to motor vehicles, initially along a lush forest of larch trees (the Arpendriou).
After about half an alf hour of biking, the environment becomes completely stripped from the trees and turned into lush pastures. At an altitude of 2307meters encountered the military road that leads, first-left up to the Col du Granon, you must turn second-left and go up the Ravin de la Quala (altitude 2388 meters), which takes you to the ancient military ambushes, or alternatively take on the right and descend direcltly to the Fort de l'Olive.

Le Col du Granon.

The whole area is full of military barracks, warehouses, powder magazines, and dug into the rock. At this point (altitude 2400 meters), climb the buttresses and dell'Alpon acvete already see the Fortress Lenlon.
After about an hour's biking you reach the hill of the fortress, is a fantastic on two floors circular blockhouse, protected by a steel railing.
The panoramic view is spectacular, behind you the Hautes Alpes (West) and the boundary in front of you and the Alpi Cozie (East).


The fortress overlooking three hills: Thura, Echelle, Les Acles.
From Lenlon start the path in direction Fort de l'Olive, in the first step it is a badly drawn narrow trail, not very easy for the bikers. In a careful one hour biking you reach the Olive fortress, built at the end of the nineteenth century. It is abandoned and visitable.

l Olive.

The road to return start in front of the Fortress, it is a marvelous and ancient military dirt road, that in one hours leads you to the Chalets du Granon.

Return home.
The ancient military road

When to Bike

Late Spring-Summer-Early Autumn.


l Olive 1881-1882.
à la Charge!

Men from the Past!

<i>Men from the Past</i>!
The men of Olive Fortress. Early twentieth Century.


Lenlon.Talking about history with friends.<FONT COLOR=GREEN>The <b>3</b> Hills</FONT>.Le Col du Granon.<i>Men from the Past</i>!l\'Olive.Peaceful and tireless Horses.
à la Charge!l\'Olive 1881-1882.Here come the <FONT COLOR=MAGENTA>Amazons</FONT>.Return home.Les Chalets du Granon.The Map.Aerial View.