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Location: Messina, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 38.38202°N / 14.96350°E

Date Ridden: May 24, 2013 12:00 am

Activities: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain, Trials

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall


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Vulcano (fraction of Lipari) is an island of 21 km square, part of the Aeolian Islands. The inhabitants are called vulcanari.

Located 20 km north of Sicily (Gulf of Patti, Tyrrhenian Sea). The Mouths of Vulcano, an arm of the sea about 750 meters wide, separating it from Lipari.

Greek mythology on this island placed the forge of Hephaestus, god of fire and blacksmith who had assistance of the Cyclops. But it is the name of the Roman god, Vulcan, which was given to the island. And it is from here that derive the terms and volcanism volcano.

The Volcanoes

The island owes its existence to the effects in the fusion of several volcanoes of which the most active is the Vulcano Fossa. The others are the Vulcanello (123 m) to the north, the southern Monte Aria (500 m), completely inactive, which forms a vast plateau formed by lava, tuff and Holocene alluvial deposits and Monte Saraceno (481 m).

The Trail to the Volcano.
Getting on the Volcano.

The main volcano to the west seems to have formed after the extinction of the volcano in southern lavas with very acidic, created the mount called Vulcano Fossa (or Great Crater Volcano or cone), 386 m high, with very steep slopes, north with an extinct crater, said Old Forge. To the north-west is a recent flow of obsidian in 1771, called the Pietre Cotte. The active crater is located somewhat shifted to the north-west. Currently the volcanic activity is given by phenomena solfatara and frequent eruptions, usually explosive.

The Crater.
the Crater

Although the last eruption took place in 1888 - 1890, the volcano has never ceased to give proof of its vitality, and even today, such phenomenons: fumaroles, steam jets is on the crest of a submarine and the presence of sulphurous mud appreciated therapeutic properties. A north numerous fumarole continue to emettereacido boric, ammonium chloride, sulfur, feeding an industrial complex for the production of sulfur.


Trails Map.

Getting There

Direct flights to the airport of Catania "Fontanarossa" from all major European cities.

Etna and Fontanarossa.
Fontanarossa Airport

Transfer by minibus or bus from Catania to Milazzo harbor (about an hour and a half).

Milazzo Harbor.
Milazzo Harbor

Vulcano is reached in less than an hour and a half of sailing with the ship and with about 3/4 of an hour by hydrofoil from Milazzo (ME).
The island is connected to the Island of Vulcano Lipari with a shipping service from Porto di Levante (on the island Vulcano) in Lipari (about ΒΌ hour) through the Strait of Vulcan.

Vulcano Harbor.
Vulcano Harbor (Levante)

Things to See.

Black Beach, the most beautiful of the island with incomparable performances at sunset.

Black Sand Beach.
Black Sand Beach

Lagoon Volcanic Mud: the well-being and health thanks to the mud baths and vaporous emissions of the volcano.

The thermal baths.
The Volcanic Lagoon

Valley of Monsters. volcanic stone sculptures carved by the wind.

The Valley of Monsters.
Valley of Monsters

The crater 400 meters in altitude and climb the steep path of volcanic sand a mile long.

From the top of the volcano.
The Crater

Mulberry tree, the small harbor facing the Sicily with its beautiful lighthouse and the wonderful restaurant "Pina" managed by the local fishermen.

The old lighthouse.

Fresh fish, sea conditions permitting, every day.

The pumice quarry: The valley, which for centuries has represented the wealth of the island. Thanks to the extraction of obsidian and pumice stone.
Today inhabited by numerous wild goats.

The quarries of Pumice and Obsidian.
The quarries of Pumice and Obsidian.

Board and Lodging.

On the island there are numerous hotels. I personally have stayed at the "Big Dipper".
Beautiful place with great service and cuisine based on fish.

Orsa Maggiore
Orsa Maggiore

Alternatively: Bed and Breakfast, a campsite.


If you want, you can also rent this!
If you want, you can also rent this!
The Island has every service: a bank, pharmacy, many discount, the petrol station, two doctors.

you can hire: Bicycles, Mountain Bike, Quad, Citroen Mehari, Jepp.
With 10 euro I rented for seven days my Mountain Bike (rent Sprint by Luigi).

Things to do absolutely

Absolute well-being!
Absolute Welness!

Eating an ice cream from "Remigio", Vulcano Levante harbor.

A lunch of fish in the restaurant, "by Pina" (Gelso Harbour).

Bathing in thermal muds (Vulcano Porto).

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