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Moab on my Mojo
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Moab on my Mojo

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Moab on my Mojo

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: Utah, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 38.57360°N / 109.54757°W

Date Ridden: Apr 4, 2007 12:00 am

Activities: Cross Country

Season: Spring


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Created/Edited: Apr 19, 2008 / Feb 25, 2013

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Moab on my Mojo

Spring in Spokane
Slick Rock
Porcupine Rim
I couldn’t have been happier as I finished strapping my new Ibis Mojo to the roof of the car, all ready to trade snowy Spokane for sunny Moab, UT. The genesis for this trip had actually begun some six months earlier on a section of single track in North Idaho. I watched my friends zip over a technical section and, once again, out of my view. How did they go so fast??!! I knew I was faced with a choice: Either get better, get used to being last, or get a bad ass new bike! Being the perpetual gear head, I of course opted for the new bike.

I began the selection process for a new bike, talking to friends, visiting bike shops, and reading an endless supply of reviews and blogs. Someone suggested I look at the Ibis Mojo. I was skeptical at first, assuming that anything with the Ibis name on it was probably more than my blue collar budget would allow. After checking it out I realized that the Mojo was competitively priced, and of course, it had infinitely more soul than any bike I‘d ever laid eyes on before.

After borrowing a friend’s Mojo for a short parking lot ride, I was smitten. It had the smooth carbon fiber feel that I love and I could just tell, this was the machine that would see me safely and swiftly down any steep, technical section of trail. My friends would soon be waiting for me for a change! Well maybe not, but at least they wouldn’t have to wait so long for me to catch up.

I ended up purchasing my new Mojo on Christmas Eve. Winter is not prime mountain bike season where I live and I could barely wait to get the bike out. Plans were made for an early season trip to Moab. What better locale to christen this new ship of mine. And what better trail than Slick Rock.

Coming from a cross country race bike, I was concerned the Mojo wouldn’t measure up to my expectations when it came time to climb. Those concerns were soon set aside as I grinded my way up the seemingly vertical sandstone of Slick Rock. The Slick Rock trail would be a kick in the pants on any bike. On my Mojo it was other worldly. It took very little time to adjust to my new bike. Soon it felt like I’d already logged hundreds of miles in the saddle and I found myself continually pushing my aggressiveness.

Even though my spindly early season legs were ready for a break, I was ready for the next level. Slick Rock is an incredible trail, but I wanted something more like my home trails. A good amount of climbing, some single track, and a few technical sections. Next stop, Porcupine Rim.

The shop guy told us that the first four miles of the ride were a pretty good grunt, although the shuttle could drop us off so that we only had to climb a mile. We figured we needed to burn off the onion rings and milk shakes from Milt’s, so we opted for the four mile version.

I started the climb with the Talus fork fully extended to 140 mm and without the Pro Pedal engaged. It climbed very smoothly, although I could tell I wasn’t on my old Trek

Fuel 98. Just for the heck of it, I switched on the Pro Pedal and cranked the Talus fork down to 110 mm. Bammm! All of a sudden I was back on my Fuel. I couldn’t believe how efficiently this 5.5” trail bike was climbing.

After 4 easy miles it was time for the pay off, 11 miles of down. I put the bike back to its full amount of travel and began floating down the trail. Once again I found the bike urging me to go faster and faster. Soon I wasn’t giving a second thought to technical sections that would have given me real pause on my old bike and riding sections that I probably would have walked before.

Turns out, I should have probably walked at least one section with the new bike too as I found myself flying through the air without my bike. I’m going to have to take credit for that spectacular crash myself rather than blaming Mr. Ibis.

Another ride and a few other side trips and it was time to return to snowy Spokane. I left Moab with a smile on my face knowing that I’d be back to explore more trails and that I’d found my mojo. Thanks Ibis!


Porcupine RimSlick RockSlick RockPorcupine RimPorcupine RimSpring in Spokane


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Andy LivoSounds to me

Andy Livo

Voted 10/10

like you have answered my question about your new Mojo. I must say I have always liked Ibis bikes from long ago. Their craftmanship has been second to none. I was really glad to see their bikes back in the shops after their brief stop. Not sure how their linkage would hold up in the muddy, wet conditions of the UK? Great page and photos.
Posted Apr 19, 2008 5:51 pm

lloydRe: Sounds to me


Hasn't voted

Thanks. So far I really love my new bike.
Posted Apr 19, 2008 7:34 pm



Voted 10/10

Who's that hottie outside the Subaru??!
Posted Apr 19, 2008 9:06 pm

RayMondoLove the Desert


Voted 10/10

I never could stand muddy Hippo pools. Looks perfect. Desert is King. Great.
Posted Mar 14, 2013 3:40 pm

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