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MTB Marathon Złoty Stok '13

MTB Marathon Złoty Stok '13

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MTB Marathon Złoty Stok \'13

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Location: Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 50.43799°N / 16.88636°E

Date: May 19, 2013 12:00 am


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Złoty Stok, fisrt 2013 verdict...

Borówkowa Góra outlook tower
Borówkowa Góra
Preparing the steed
Preparing the steed
Piece of track
Piece of track

The internal rivalry in "Daleko Jeszcze ?" had never been so intense than during last winter, and there was no less than four or five candidates for the title of "favorite" for the 2013 season. Running, swimming, rowing, spinning, and sometimes even a real biking were actively used to remotely challenge us via Endomondo accounts.

I need to owe that I had to slow down a bit my activity over the past few weeks due to the injury in my knee, time during which my colleagues did it the opposite way, especially Wojtek who took part to a training camp in Southern spain (eventually he also cycled in Crete during a holiday).

Postponed MTB marathon dates, due to a persistent late winter led to Złoty Stok being scheduled on a Sunday, which allowed me to participate, to my great joy, partly because it is a great place not yet tried during a race, and also not very technical, which suits me.... We picked the Giga distance (75km / 2500m elevation), first race of the year without preamble !

I inaugurated in this occasion my brand new cycling suit with the bright colours of Daleko Jeszcze, forgive me for allowing the MBPost jersey a little rest ! But I find this kind of all-in-one overall cycling suits much better, especially since my old cycling pants had tendency to knot in the seat while pedaling out of the saddle in techincal parts.

A catastrophic start

The start. I m on the left
The start. I'm on the left
Little descent

Dusty descent
Dealing with ruts

As usual, I did not want to start too fast, especially here, where the longest slope awaiting us was right after the start. I always have problems with fast starts. More, I felt a bit balooned after eating a cereal bar and a too recent last big gulp of water. But despite this, I was able to ride up in the wheel of Michał, who talked to each possible acquaintance, while I fought with breathing and keeping the pace ...

Wojtek said he wanted to ride together, but knowing him I knew it was only theory, and the last time I saw him was when he overlooked us over during some sharp lace...

Finally the top of the pass appeared with the first downhill. Michał, who already took me few meters disappeared completely, as he is much faster in downhills. The next part of the track revealed ruts which I very poorly predicted and negotiated, where I lost even more time. Then came even more demanding and technical sections to ride down carefully. All the team would probably be far by now, and I started to resign myself to the fact that I would not see any of them again till the finish line.

However, I saw several riders stopped on the side because of technical issues (mostly tires), and at one point it seemed to me that I recognized the Michał's jersey... But I was not sure as I was looking where I was going...

Catch me if you can

Riding the woods
Riding the woods

Later came the next hills, and I felt increasingly better, the heart rate was fine and I felt stronger and stronger. Suddenly, at the corner of some steep narrow uphill, I noticed the yellow jersey of Mateusz, struggling with his bike and drinking water. This situation reminded me a bit of the outcome of Uphill Śnieżka a year ago.

We rode a little bit together, and I asked how far was Michał: "Come on, haven't you seen him on the side? He caught a snake !".
I saw that Mateusz was experiencing a difficult moment and flew away. "So now I'm second," I told myself. Time to settle Wojtek's hash now, I thought again, still remembering the scenario of Uphill Śnieżka...

But I would never have thought that events would really give me such chance, as it eventually turned out that Wojtek himself also had a flat at the 28th kilometer, which he managed to fix in time.

First fatigue symptoms

Unfortunate unknown rider
Unfortunate unknown rider
Unfortunate unknown rider
Unfortunate unknown rider

Feeling better, kept attacking, but Wojtek never appeared ahead. "Eric, relax," I finally told myself, reminding also how catastrophic was the start. Half of the distance was covered, and now came a long part asphalt part near Lądek Zdrój. I used this break to eat some cereal bars and the drinkeable desserts for children.

My mates were laughing at it, but despite these baby deserts do not own as many calories than those in sport shops, they gave me some strength. But that was not enough, in addition to usual fatigue from the effort I also felt unusual pain in the muscles of the legs. Crual verdict : not enough kilometers on the bike this year...

I pick then the easier gear to spare myself in the long second half. Many people who were riding not far now definitely distanced me, and others caught me back from behind. During one long uphill to Borówkowa Góra, I suddenly recognized a familiar voice behind me ... Michał caught me back, pushing one and half stronger than me, boosed by the energy of anger. Not towards me, but probably for being behind Wojtek...

End and a new hierarchy ?

Team-mate Wojtek
Team-mate Michał
Team-mate Mateusz
After the race
Finish line

The end of the ride was very exhausting, especially the downhill of Borówkowa Góra where, added to my fatigue, hard sections were to negociate with roots, followed by technical downhills, probably deepening the gap with my colleagues. But the last wall and the perspective to ride down only till the finish cheered me up and boosed me.

Some next parts were not very technical and the amortization really gave me an advantage. This allowed me to catch back a few people. I crossed the finish line, about 15mn behind Michał and 30 behind Wojtek. Mateusz came later after an undefined time: the chip did not work properly and he did not appear in rankings. So I am third and avoided the wooden spoon. Given the fact I cannot rivalize with the two, this is not too bad considering the amount of kilometers this year ...

Now I wonder who is best between Michael and Wojtek, if we make abstraction of technical issues as well as trainings the day before like Michał pretends to have done... Beskidy MTB Trophy will soon tell...