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Page Type: Trail

Location: Turin, Italy, Europe

Trail Type: Touring

County: Piedmont

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Aerobic Difficulty: Easy

Layout: Loop

Length: 5.0 Mi / 8.1 Km

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Three very good reason to go to Novalesa (Susa Valley):

1) the Benedictine Abbey of the eighth century.
2) The waterfall
3) the farm "once upon a time" where you can eat and drink very well.

But probably the best reason is that Novalesa is a unique country, very ancient, centuries starting point for all the travelers who were preparing to cross the Alps (pass of Moncenisio), at least until the road was built by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Novalesa is also home to a strange atmospheric phenomenon, also when it does not rain the village is overlooked by a beautiful rainbow.
This phenomenon is probably due to the clouds of vaporized water that are formed thanks to the numerous waterfalls of the place.

The Map

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Getting There

The door of the Gauls
Augustus Arch

Take the A32 motorway Turin-Bardonecchia exit Susa.

Follow the indications for the Roman Amphiteatrum where you have to leave your car.

Then take the direction (pavel road) Arch of Augustus, the ancient Gauls Door (pass under the Arch) and follow the indications, Montcenis Hill-Novalesa.

You have to bike for 7,7 Km on pavel road, then you reach the village of Novalesa.

Trail Description

From Susa (Adrian Arch) take the pavel road direction Montcenis Hill (SS25).

Then you have to take the Provincial Road 210 direction Cenischia Valley-Novalesa.

After 7,6 Km of pavel road you reach the Village of Novalesa, at your left you have to cross the ancient bridge of Novalesa ( S.benedetto Square) and follow the indications to the Ancient Abbey.

Novalesa the Waterfall from chaberton on Vimeo.

After five hundreds meters, you reach the car park on your right, before a new bridge, at the bottom of the car park begin the trail to the Waterfall.
Cycling inside a really beautiful forest of Larch Trees and old chestnut-trees, in about 10 minutes you reach the base of the Waterfall.

Novalesa from chaberton on Vimeo.

Piedmont Appetizers!

Then you have to return to the park and the pavel road to reach the Novalesa Abbey and, in front of it the " Once upon a time " restaurant.

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Once upon a Time

The Benedictine Abbey

Novalesa Abbey (VIII Century)
Scale Model

Benedictine Abbey of Piedmont is dedicated to Saints Peter and Andrew, is situated in the Val Cenis Cenischia at the foot of the hill , near the village of the same name .

It was founded in 726 by a senior official of the Frankish kingdom , Abo , rector of the Maurienne and Susa , who in 739 tied to the new entity almost all his possessions on this side and beyond the Alps, thus adding to the strategic importance the foundation also a major economic power.

The community has considerable development and becomes the center of prayer, industry (agriculture, assistance to the pilgrims in transit) and culture (transcript of codes).

The abbey had its heyday in the Carolingian period , in 904 the monks left the monastery facing the threat of the Saracens and repaired , with the objects of the Treasury , and the books , first in Turin and then in Breme (Pavia ) , in lomellina , to return to Novalesa only at the end of the century.

Monastic Life
Monastic Life

In 1802 Napoleon entrusted the abbot Antonio Gabet and other Trappist monks of TamiƩ (Savoy) the management of the hospice on the pass of Mont Cenis, to assist the French troops in transit. After the fall of Napoleon, the monks go down, taking residence in the old monastery. In 1821 he joined the Congregation Cassinese of Italy.

The complex still retains the architectural origins, with four chapels isolated, relatively well preserved, and a main body with a church, cloister and monastic buildings , altered more than once over the centuries , especially in the nineteenth century , when the monastery was secularized , becoming the first seat of an establishment hydrotherapy , and the summer residence of the National Boarding Umberto I in Turin.

After the passage of the area, with all its buildings , the Province of Torino (1973) and the resettlement of a Benedictine community , have followed in the monastery several excavations and restoration work, which led to important discoveries.

Rainbow Valley


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