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On the banks of the river Chisola

On the banks of the river Chisola

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On the banks of the river Chisola

Page Type: Trail

Location: Turin, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 44.94189°N / 7.61664°E

Trail Type: Cyclocross

County: Piedmont

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Aerobic Difficulty: Easy

Layout: Loop

Length: 16.0 Mi / 25.8 Km

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I propose you a pleasant and relaxing trail on the banks of the river Chisola (province of Turin-Piedmont).
It is a path that takes place in most of dirt roads, used by farmers to reach their agricultural lands.

The river Chisola, given its turbulence during the rainy season, has long been harnessed by a line of banks, which for the most part you can ride with your mountain bike, but not limited to, certain sections can be driven in the middle of river (obviously when the water level is low).

Serenade for the love!
Concert for wind instruments!

In this way, you can fully enjoy the natural wonders of the river park: White and Grey Herons, coots, ducks, hawks and buzzards in hunting, and the nice moustached otters, not to mention the concert of frogs and toads.
Swim in the river chisola, rudd and chub.

Chisola River

The shores.
The Chisola is a torrent of Piedmont, a tributary on the left bank of the river Po Its course is entirely within the Province of Turin. The perimeter of its basin is 96 km.

Arises from the confluence of two branches torrents, one that originates from Mount Freidour (1,445 m) and the other between Mount Brunello and the Three Teeth (1,343 m). After the brief wet Val Chisola out in the Po Valley. Along its course of about 40 km from the right receives its tributaries Walnut and Rio Torto plus other various streams including the Lemina, leading then at the height of the Po Moncalieri

Despite the classification as a stream and the variability of flow in different seasons, never goes dry. On 2 September 2002 the stream, as a result of localized thunderstorms but strong burst its banks flooding part of the town of None.

Municipalities crossed:
-Piobesi Torinese
-La Loggia

The Map

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Trail Description

Starting point Vinovo fraction Garino.

We follow on asphalt road Sestriere (road SP 140) for about three kilometers in the direction of Candiolo.
Turn left on "Long Road Route" (dirt) and then we follow for about four kilometers, "Road farmstead new" until you arrive at Via Candiolo (asphalt) where we turn left in the direction of Vinovo.

From Vinovo to Piobesi Torinese.

After about five kilometers we reach the village of Vinovo after crossing the bridge over the river Chisola.
At the second light, turn right on Via Parisetto, we walk around the paved road until you reach the banks of the Chisola.

Down in the river!

Starts from there the long stretch of dirt road (about eight kilometers) from Vinovo that leads to the town of Piobesi Torinese.
All the way along the river Chisola, through beautiful and impressive poplar groves, and fields of corn and rye.

If he goes ... I go!
In most parts of the path we can descend embankments for cycling along the banks of the River Chisola;in some parts of the route you can also groped the ford.

cool off!

After reaching the city of Piobesi turn right on highway 142 Sp, we walk the five kilometers of asphalt that lead us to Candiolo.

We are left then to go the eight kilometers from candiolo to Garino (End point).

Placid in the summer, tumultuous in autumn.

The stream Chisola is for most of the year a placid and peaceful course of water. Easily accessible and can be crossed on foot (just be equipped with a pair of waders).

But when heavy rains in the Alps and in the plain, flowing into its winding path, well then suddenly changes its character.
The river swells, flowing downstream with impetuous speed, its waters are filled with eddies and whirlpools, nothing resists its momentum.

The abundant vegetation growing on its banks is torn violently away, the banks surrender.

The fury of the river.
The flood of the river Chisola.

As in september 2002, that the town of None (Turin), was violently hit by the flood of Chisone.
In a few hours, the old part of the town was covered by more than two meters of water.
I remember that morning, I went down to the garage to take out of my car, the water was up to the doors. Luckily the catalytic of the car was not submerged, so I managed (after a cold footbath) to get out of my garage.

A few hundred meters away from my home, the road had become a river, instead of meeting other cars I saw coming towards me a boat fire.
Luckily the Torino-Pinerolo (built in elevated) was free from flood waters, I am so successful that day to go to work.

When the land becomes water.
When the land becomes water.

When to Bike



If he goes ... I go!When the land becomes water.Serenade for the love!From Vinovo to Piobesi Torinese.Down in the river!cool off!The fury of the river.
The shores.cycling among the giants.Thank God Spring is here!Autumn Promenade