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Pain, Aches and Shortness of Breath..? One (possible) SOLUTION !

Pain, Aches and Shortness of Breath..? One (possible) SOLUTION !

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Pain, Aches and Shortness of Breath..? One (possible) SOLUTION !

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The well-being that comes from the center of the Earth.

The breath of the island.
The breath of the island.

The Mud-Baths of Vulcano

The thermal baths.
The thermal baths.

The thermal pool situated a few yards from the harbour in the Island of Vulcano is continually fed by innumerable springs, from wich are emitted sulphuros vapours; very hot salty water and clay mud with a high content of sulphur.

These are the three fundamental components of the bath and from their composition it is clear that the development of any pathogens is pratically impossible.

The latest indications on thermal tretments state that all the sites have their own specialist treatments, to avoid the errors made in the past when some were said to provide miracolous cures for many diseases.
The thermal spring of Vulcano can without a doubt be useful for three major groups of pathologies.




Diseases of the motor apparatus.

Absolute well-being!
They represent the group wich derives the greatest benefit from mud therapy and the following slow wich, in our experience have had the best results:

The most widespread rheumatic form - mud therapy is indicated for both initial and more advanced stages.
Seriuos arthritic forms have been treated with the mud of Vulcano, most commonly on the following parts of the body, arthritis of the hand, foot, knee, hip and spondylarthritis (of the vertebra).

the mud acts as a painkiller and muscle relaxant. Regards Borsitis, Thendonitis and Periarthritis of the shoulder.
it's important to treat the acute phase of the symptons and then prescribe a course of mud therapy.

mud therapy is very useful for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


these must be treated differently. It should be made clear that mud therapy shouldn't be undertaken in the first three months following the trauma.

also in this case treatment shouldn't be carried out during an acute attack, while on the contrary, mud thearpy is very useful during a period of recession, thanks to its effect on the fluid levels causing uric acid deposits to be eliminated.

Skin diseases.

The dermatological problems wich benefit from the thermal therapy in Vulcano are essentially two.

in this first case the patient will have to apply a mud mask to the face after a complete check-up and precise diagnosis.
While the high content of Sulphur is very useful for greasy skin it is much less so for dry skin.
It is advisable to have check-ups before, during and after all any treatment to assess the level of hydration of the skin and above all any alterations in the percentage of sebum.
During the days of application it is advisable to use a foundation cream to improve the renewing process of the skin.
The mask should be kept on for 10 to 15 minutes than washed off thoroughtly with the tap water.

We have a more delicate pathology wich deserves all our attention.
Patients suffering from Psoriasis are usually advised to immers for about 20 minutes then to shower and aplly a moisturising cream.

The advice is little vague and this because in the case of Psoriasis, a thorough medical examination before undergoing treatment is essential.

The fumaroles in the middle of the sea.

Respiratory Problems.

Now we'll mention briefly the pathologies that can benefit from thermal treatment in Vulcano.

Respiratory problems more than others require a suitable environement and equipment to effect treatment.
On the other hand, if the patient follow the specialist's advice carefully, it is possible to obtain good results from inhalation near the thermal poll.

First of all the pathologies that benefit most are:

Regarding the method, the patient should stand with his back yo the wind, about one metre from a crevice emetting vapour in the thermal area, and then inhale trough his nose with his mouth closed and exhale with his mouth oper., then after a few minutes' rest repeat the operation three times.
It's very important to wash the nostrils thoroughly at home with tap water to avoid an unpleasant feeling of dryness.

Breathe in deeply.

Inside the breath of the volcano
Breathe in!...Argh Coff CoFF HYPES


The mud being a valid and proven therapy, should be tailored to the needs of the patient, however there are a few rules wich should always be observed.

-first of all it is better to begin the therapy
after at least two days on the island to allow for climatisation.

-a course of 12 treatments should be followed, one treatment a day.

-the hottest hours of the day should be avoided.

-the best time is in the morning before eating.

-a complete immersion should be achieved gradually.

This method can vary different pathologies and must be discussed personally with the specialist. The immersion should at last between 5 and 20 minutes.
-according to precise studies carried out the direct application of mud or immersion in the pool have the same therapeutic effect. The specialist will advise on these different methods before the treatment begins.
Patients are requested not to take the mud away from the bottom of the pool as this can exhaust the reserve, preventing other people from benefiting from the therapy.
-apply the mud and keep it on for 30 minutes, preferably at home under cover.
-then have a very hot shower, aiming the jet of water on the part being treated (a hydromassage).
-finally exercise the part for about five minutes without sweating.
These exercises will be prescribed by the specialist.

How many hippos.


Before and After... the treatment!










Personal Considerations and useful advice.

The entrance fee is 6 euro including the token for the shower. I recommend the shower at the end of the first applications to make it back to the hotel.

The smell is bearable, the first feeling you get walking on mud is to stand above the gelatinous slime, however, is of a nice composition to slather on your skin, a real cream, believe me!

Addressed the spa calmly and ultimate relaxation, enjoy fully the moment.

Sit quietly on one of the many benches and wait for the sun dried mud on you, and then returned into the water and wash it off the mud that will remain so in the tank at the disposal of others.

Alternatively, near the tub, there are fumaroles to breathe sulfide gas.

Use a bathing suit and a robe that ended the holiday you throw it away, it's best!

When you go home the feeling of total well-being is issued even if, for a few days, you will have a faint smell of dead match...!

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