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Park City Area
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Park City Area

Park City Area

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Location: Utah, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 40.61499°N / 111.55277°W

Trail Type: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall


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Most people think of Park City Utah as a skiing and snowboarding destination, but when the snow melts, the mountain biking begins. Located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Park City offers some of the most exciting and scenic mountain biking in the country.

Three ski resorts call Park City their home: Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR), The Canyons, and Deer Valley Mountain Resort (DVMR). These resorts are perfectly situated for premier skiing. Luckily, where you can ski, you can also mountain bike. All of these resorts have extensive trail systems for summer mountain biking.
Park City View
Park City

Popular Trails

Trail Overview
Assorted Trails
Tour des Suds- A classic ride from Park City. The uphill route features a loop north through the Park City trails, or the southward loop descends through Deer Valley. Its forested with moderate elevation gain and is an upper-intermediate technical ride. Around 15 miles long.

Town Loop-This trail features a nice forested loop ride within Park City on different trail, including Sweeney Switchbacks, John's Trail, and Gravedigger. Its an upper-intermediate with technical areas and has moderate elevation gain. Around 8 miles.

Rail Trail This is probably one of the longest mountain bike trails that I have heard of. Many just ride it around 30 miles down to Echo Lake, but it actually keeps going along the Weber River and goes all the way into Wyoming. This is a very easy trail, especially if you head down (then it is around 30 miles of easy riding downhill!). Around 30 miles one way (If you end at Echo Lake). But you can choose how far you want to go.

Mid Mountain Trail- (Often called Eight Thousand Foot Trail) This is an amazing single tract trail. This trail extends from PCMR all the way to the Canyons Resort. The official length of this trail is around 12 miles, but you need to get to the trails by using different trails such as the Spiro Trail and Canyons Lift Road. Because of this, this ride is more around 20 miles.

Glenwild Loop- This is an intermediate loops around 9 miles long. It has some technical sections along with a moderate elevation gain.

Great Western Trail- This trail runs along the entire Park City Ridge and is open for both mountain bikers and hikers. This is not an easy trail and there is lots of elevation gain. Click HERE for more information about this trail.

Deer Valley Resort

Park City Ridge
Deer Valley Resort and Clayton peak
Opening in 1981, Deer Valley Mountain Resort is one of the top ski resorts in the country. During the summer, lift-served mountain biking and hiking rides are offered from the Silver Lake Express chairlift at Snow Park Lodge, and the Sterling Express chairlift, mid-mountain. You can experience the thrill of biking at Deer Valley Resort, rated by Mountain Bike Action magazine as one of the ten best mountain bike destinations. Bikers and bikes are whisked up the mountain on the Silver Lake Express and Sterling Express chairlifts to an array of exciting options, including 55 miles of panoramic trails.

Deer Valley boasts over 25 maintained mountain biking trails ranging from easy to double black diamond.

Deer Valley Mountain Resort Summer Map

Deer Valley Mountain Biking Info

The Canyons

The Canyons features 3,700 acres, 8 peaks, five bowls and lots of ride able terrain. It offers great single track trails and easy access to the Mid-Mountain Trail and Wasatch Crest Trail. The trails at this resort range fore easy to very hard.

Cayons Summer Map

Canyons Mountain Biking Info

Park City Mountain Resort

Scott Hill
Scott Hill and PCMR
Park City's abundant selection of hiking and biking trails are great for all skill levels. Get a head start uphill from one of our lifts. Town Lift from the heart of Main Street or "PayDay" lift out of the Resort Base Area. Or, you can do it the hard way and ride up the mountain. Need help exploring the abundant selection of trails, a detailed trail map is available at the ticket windows. The difficulty of the trails have various levels ranging from easy to very difficult. With nine bowls, eight peaks, 3,300 acres of terrain, and 30 groomed mountain bike trails; PCMR has plenty of terrain to offer the mountain biker.

PCMR Summer Map

PCMR Mountain Biking Info

Park City Ridge

Park City Ridge
Park City Ridge from Park Mountain
This roughly a 15 mile ridge that is SW of Park City. Also, the three resorts back up to this ridge. The highest peak of this section Scott Hill at 10,116ft. The majority of this ridge lies around 9,000ft. The Great Western Trail traverses this whole ridge and provides excellent mountain biking with outstanding views.


Old Truck
Old Truck

Town Histroy

In 1868, prospecting Army soldiers discovered rich silver veins in the hills above what would later become Park City. George Snyder, a Mormon polygamist, built a boarding house with his third wife Rhoda to profit from the mining trade. On the Fourth of July, 1872, early miners of Park City raised American flag over the Snyder's log house. "We shall call this place Parley's Park City," George Snyder declared. Very soon the "Parley" (named for early settler Parley Pratt) was dropped and a new mining boom town had its name. In 1898, the "Great Fire destroyed much of the city. Shortly after, the city was rebuilt. One of the reasons it was rebuilt so fast was because this area was booming with silver mines. After this, the town grew rapidly and became an official city, with a bank and many stores that were very profitable. I

It wasn't until the 1920's when people realized that Park City had more to offer then silver. Skiing began around that time and as one can see, it later became better then silver to Park City.
An Old Mine
Old Silver Mine

Mining History

After completion of the railroad to Promontory in 1869, large-scale mining became possible. But with this success came and with large-scale mining came the problem of housing the miners. The Snyder (Owned by George Snyder)sawmill, which had supplied much of the lumber to build Salt Lake City, had a bonanza of its own. The lush forests the grew around the area provided very useful in the making of boarding houses for miners. Because of the long and often harsh winters in Park City, the miners and residents had to be cooped up for long periods of time. Because of this, many took up their spare time in writing poems, journals or making poems.

Miners Ten Comandments

The Miners Ten Commandments became one of their most popular works.

Thou shalt have no other claim but one.

Thou shalt not take unto thyself any false claims, nor shalt thou jump one.

Thou shalt not go prospecting again before thy claim gives out nor shalt thou take thy hard-earned dust to the gaming tables in vain for the more thou shalt put down, the less thou will take up.

Thou shalt dig or pick only six days for on the seventh thou shalt washeth thy dirty clothes and darneth thy socks and choppeth the whole weeks wood.

Thou shalt not think more of the gold than thy father's blessings or thy mother's love.

Thou shalt not kill thy body by working in the rain nor by getting stewed or three sheets to the wind from drinking down whiskey punches, rum toddies or brandy slings.

Thou shalt not grow discouraged nor go home before thou strikes it rich lest in going home thou will work for fifty cents a day while thou might strike lead and make fifty dollars a day by staying.

Thou shalt not steal a pick or shovel nor take thy neighbor's tools nor borrow those he cannot spare and return them broken nor remove his stakes to enlarge thy own claim.

Thou shalt not tell false tales about thy diggings in the hills nor salt thy claim to deceive thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife nor trifle with the affections of his daughter but if thou truly love and covet each other, thou shalt pop the question like a man.

Red Tape

A major piece of red tape is that in the winter, access to trails in the resort areas will be cutoff. However, most people don't ride in the winter, so this isn't the biggest issue.

Depending upon whether or not you like to ride in the snow, winter is not the best time for riding in this area. Fall, Summer, and Spring are the best times to ride.

A lot of private property dots the area, so be wary of that, especially along Park City Ridge. Follow all signs.

Also, when in the resorts bounds, follow all of their rules and regulations.

Some of the sections of the ridges and cayons around Park City serve as watershed areas. Certain restrictions apply for these areas.

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