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passionate rituals

passionate rituals

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passionate rituals

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It all starts innocently as you head to where you store your bike gear.

A series of complex rituals is about to begin.

Grab your shoes and clack them against the concrete floor to rid them of the detritus from a previous adventure. Your helmet receives the mandatory check of the pads for residual moisture from your sweaty brow of rides past. Your gloves, inside out, are returned to a state that is now normal and a gentle squeeze lets you know whether they have gone one ride past a point of no return where the only option is a trip into the washing machine. The camelback you squeeze to assess how much water you had left after the previous ride and you thrust a hand inside to see whether any garbage is still there, you assess your supplies, tools, tubes, snacks, arm warmers, sunblock, the list goes on, the bladder is removed, you dump the old water and take a sniff in the now empty void, filled again you let the water reach a point you assess as just enough water and close it up, tip it on end, and evacuate all the last bubbles. The camelback receives the bladder sorted just right, tube aligned just right, bladder hooked to hook and nipple lock locked, zippers zipped, gear stowed. Your shorts, jersey, sunglasses, and your favorite socks, the ones with the best pattern or logo or color are next.

The car is loaded, make sure the bike is secure...twice, make sure all your gear is loaded; bag, helmet, gloves and shoes...twice, jump in, tunes on and now you move forward with the knowledge that soon you will put on your camelback, jumping, moving and shifting until it is just so, snug a strap here and sung a strap there, shoes put on carefully right foot then left foot, straps snugged then twist your foot, jump around a bit and straps resnugged, helmet on give it a shake, clip it and sort out your glasses, swing your foot over the top tube and put an end to all this ritual with the smallest noises: click, click.....




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Voted 10/10

sounds like it might be cool written into a poem.
Posted Nov 9, 2007 8:07 pm

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