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Post race IM 2012: Pizza, Ice Cream, and a Massage?

Post race IM 2012: Pizza, Ice Cream, and a Massage?

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Post race IM 2012: Pizza, Ice Cream, and a Massage?

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Putting it back on
After each Ironman race, a volunteer from the medical staff does a quick assessment and then sends the racers on their way to the food lines. In my 2011 rookie Ironman triathlon, I gorged on pizza and was anticipating a similar feast in St George. After inspection, I hobbled away from the EMT only to be greeted with a chocolate milk stand upon entering the complimentary concessions. One bottle of the thick, rich, smooth chocolaty beverage just did not seem suffice, so I politely asked for two half liter bottles of moo-choco delight. Next stop... the pizza tent.

Remembering my five visits to the pizza tent the year earlier, I made up my mind that I would NOT revisit this line and promptly asked for five slices of veggie-licious pizza. Once again, I hobbled away to find a seat for my tasty post race meal, but the Blue Bunny ice cream stand next door caught my attention with eye popping surprise. Free ice cream!!! It was too good to be a bad joke!! So with five slices of heavenly pizza, two bottles of chocolate milk, and two over sized Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches, I found a chair and began to wolf them down in front of my support crew of six kids and four adults. The kids had to be envious and the parents had to remind the kids that I had not eaten real food in the last 13 hours of pure, arduous exercise!!

The kids didn't think it was possible at first, but the food began to disappear faster then they expected. Go figure! My stomach was completely empty all day because that's how I like to go into a race... HUNGRY!! And that's how I finished the race too.

Minutes later, with the cantankerously hollow hole in my midsection pretty well topped off, I said goodbye to most of the family and checked myself into the on-deck circle of people waiting in line to receive a complimentary massage. In the meantime, I thought I would start in on my first ice cream sandwich, but just after my first bite into the rock hard sandwich, a lady at the massage tent called my name to head inside for a post war beating.

Upon entering the tent and finding an empty table, I laid down on my belly and the strong-handed young gal started in on my sore calves. As her oiled hands pinpointed and worked on well knotted muscles, my eyes widened as I hungrily peeled back the wrapper to my EXTRA LARGE Blue Bunny ice cream sandwich!! It was so frozen, though, I could only take little bites of ecstasy when I really wanted to engulf the whole thing.

"Ohhh, oooooo..." I exclaimed. "Does that hurt?" she replied. "No, it feels great!" I say.

A moment later... "Mmmmmpht," I mumble exasperatingly. "Are you okay?" she questions. "Oh, yeah. This ice cream tastes SOOO good and your deep tissue work is perfect!!"

A minute or so after that... "Oh, GEEEZ!! AHHHHHHHH!!! That's a bit sore there!... but pain is good and thank you for working that out!!"

This sort of thing went on for a half an hour and two ice cream sandwiches. Of course, the bars got smoother with every passing moment as the evening heat took its toll on my creamy frozen treats. Off to the side, my wife giggled as she watched this unfold from behind a fence several feet away.

I left the massage tent a bit easier than when I went in, yet still, the only part of my body that wasn't feeling grumpy was my stomach!! Boy, did my tummy feel nice and full!! My shoulders ached, my legs were like dead weights, but, man... what a great way to end a big day and an epic race.
Kevin s Crew

Pizza bike. For Ray !


Putting it back onKevin\'s CrewPizza bike. For Ray !


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RayMondoMan !


Voted 10/10

The agony and the ecstacy. Well earned indeed.

Sure could have done with some of that food and the massage after my first 12 hour ride event. I arrived late back at the village hall, having ridden 7 extra miles and dreaming of the feast - but to my utter dismay, there were only a couple tatty sandwiches left (small widgets), and no massage. I was a cripple for many days after.
Posted May 26, 2012 3:07 pm

junodirtriderRe: Man !


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Sort of planning to give one of those a go later this summer. Looking to do two loops on every major road in the Juneau area. Thinking around 18-20 hours over roughly 300 miles. Yes, planning to do an overnighter... most likely around the summer solstice or 4th of July three day weekend. That will give me a day to recover!
Posted May 27, 2012 1:04 am

WasatchvoyageNice work.

Voted 10/10

Cool to check this out, I assume you were in St. George, Utah? I wonder how that pizza and ice cream tasted after the kind of a workout. I myself have no appetite at all after a good amount of exertion...
Posted Jul 29, 2012 6:08 pm

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