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Spur of the Moment

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: California, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 33.55999°N / 117.25948°W

Date Ridden: Nov 23, 2008 12:00 am

Activities: Downhill

Season: Fall


Page By: Woodzy

Created/Edited: Nov 23, 2008 / Nov 24, 2008

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How it started...

I was looking at this really cool trail on Google Earth. It started around the Santa Rosa Plateau and ended up in Murrieta. So my brother, my friend and I decided to ride it. We are just a bunch of amateurs riders who thought we could handle anything. The trail didn't look that steep or treacherous from Google Earth..... We thought the sign at the start was just over exaggerated. It wasn't.

The trail turned out to be the Waishal Trail.


After church, we headed out to the Santa Rosa Plateau. My brother and I met our friend at the Santa Rosa Plateau Visitor Center. He had brought an extremely crappy cruising bike with no back break. Also, he forgot his Camelbak and his helmet. But none-the-less, he was still determined to do the trail. I had a first aid kit so I let him come.

Right off the bat, the ride seemed a little technical. We liked that though. However, it had many steep and rutted out sections that were not very much to our liking. So, in many sections, we walked due to this fact. There were at least 3 good sized jumps along the trail and my friend jumped one and ate it...So we had a good laugh. The trail was very undulating as it continued to gain elevation. But I knew that this would happen. When we didn't have to walk the steep sections, the ride was really nice. The views of the valley were even more amazing too. We thought the first leg of the trail was steep. However it then proceeded to drop down into the valley. In many places during this part,
I thought I was going to die. Luckily, that didn't happen. My friend proceeded to crash once more, giving us another laugh (still w/o a helmet). During the last part of the ride, much to my dismay, my back break began to slowly stop working. This called for a much slower speed then that which we were already going. We reached the bottom all in one piece. Looking back, the trail didn’t look that bad, but it was...but my friend had gotten a flat tire. Throughout the whole ride along the Wiashal Trail, we only saw three other bikers, which was surprising considering that it was a weekend. And those three bikers were both coming up from the valley...Crazy people..

Then we realized we still had to ride back up the hill...So we finished that last leg of our journey and rode up Clinton Keith Road back to our cars (my friend didn't really care for his bike so he rode with his flat tire).

Lessons Learned

-I need to make sure my breaks are very very good before I do this ride again.

- Make sure I thoroughly find out the information about new trails.

-Make sure I don't bring my friend again (unless he brings some common sense with him)

Originally, I thought I bit off more then I could chew with this trail, but in the end, I am happy I did it and I will definitely be back...


Looking At The TrailThe ViewMe atop a RockVery SteepThe Walking PartThe Trail Looking BackBig Rocks
My Brother and My FriendThe TrailThe View..The ViewMy friendLooking BackSteep Part


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