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Strzelin hills

Strzelin hills

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Strzelin hills

Page Type: Trail

Location: Dolny Śląsk - Lower Silesia, Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 50.72081°N / 17.09885°E

Trail Type: Cross Country, Mountain, Touring

Technical Difficulty: Medium

Aerobic Difficulty: Medium

Layout: Lollipop

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Created/Edited: Sep 2, 2008 / Feb 16, 2011

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Wzgórza Strzelinskie

The Strzelin hills (Wzgórza Strzelinskie) is a small hilly region very close to Wrocław (almost as close as Ślęża), with 300-400m hills covered with forests and many trails. Despite isolated, geologically speaking it belongs to the Sudetes.
I discovered the area as we went there on foot by random with my wife, before I decided to give it a try with the bike. It turned out to be a fantastic place. Since then I have tried the neighbouring other half near second circuit from Henrykow, and came back once in the middle of the winter, when the Strzelin hills proved to be a perfect place for low season rides.

The circuit is not exactly what I did for the first time, which was rather a tracking. My drawing came from what I deducted after this experience, during when I found many mistakes on the map, the two biggest being the location of the yellow trail, and the absence of mainained blue trail south from Kaczów. Tested once more in winter with two companions, the loop like this proved to be perfect.

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

Trail Description

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

From Strzelin, go straight. Don't try the little square-shaped variant near Kozieniec.
You reach the big junction. Keep going straight. For your information, the blue trail which you see on your left, and which exists here, doesn't exist if you try to find it from the other end on the east side. So better not try it.
Wzgórza Strzelinskie

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

You notice at one moment that red marking is not the only one, it is together with a yellow trail, which is not on the map. In fact, the yellow trail located a bit further on the map is drawn on the wrong place. I corrected it in my map.
You approach Gromnik. there is a very steep ascent. You reach the junction with the green. Stop the ascent here (you cannot go further without pushing the bike), take the green and leave Gromnik for the revenge that will come later on this circuit.
Wzgórza Strzelinskie

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

The green goes down, describing a wide bend on the left. Don't miss the place where it leaves this trak and plunge on the right.
All the rest of the green is a fine descent, until the junction with the blue, which, as I wrote, exists only for few hundred meters before vanishing in the forest.
Take the yellow instead, taking the shortcut going straight on, or via the official junction with the viewpoint.
The yellow trail is a regular trail which climbs steadily and takes you easily to the top of Gromnik. The top of this hill is unfortunately strewn with rubbish next to a picnic area, unpleasant place for a break...
Continue on the yellow to go down.
You realize the mistake of the map as the yellow trail joins the red taken earlier on the way up, for a while.
You can come back the same way, or, if you are not tired, make a variant with the green one. The junction is hardly visible. When you see a track joining from the left side, turn right. Then you will soon see the green marks.
Watch also carefully the marks when the green is supposed to turn right and come back to the main trail, the place to turn is also hard to notice.
Via the red one, you come back to Strzelin after a fine cycling trip.

Wzgórza Strzelinskie
Alvaro & Unai waiting.. the Basque MB gang
Flat portion

Frozen track
Starting hostilities
Alvaro riding down the green trail s big slope
The big descent
Alvaro riding down the green trail s big slope
The big descent
Unai, Alvaro s friend, riding
Forest ride
Alvaro riding down the green trail s big slope
Forest ride
Bike handling skills
Near the top
Unai testing his bike-handling skills on the summit picnic tables
On the top of Gromnik

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

On the top of Gromnik (450m)
Top panorama

Getting There

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

Wzgórza Strzelinskie

From Wrocław, the most simple is to reach the start in the end of the town of Strzelin, where begins the red trail. This is a residential part of Strzelin with luxuous houses, so it's safe to park here.

The best way to reach Strzelin from Wrocław is to take Ulica Bardzka on the south, and keep going on this road all the time straight on, even afer the bridge on the motorway, until Strzelin.

Another good starting point is in Biały Kościół, few Km after Strzelin. After the church, drive few houses, and park in front of the field after the last one. Luxuous residential area here also, no risk.

When to Bike

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and even winter if no snow. Make sure it was not raining recently, even more than 2 days ago, otherwise you will come back completely muddy and dirty, since water from rain flows into the weelprints of many of the tracks.

Photo Links

My friend Guilhem took also some very nice pictures of this place, near Biały Kościół :