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The "8" trail of Avigliana Lakes.

The "8" trail of Avigliana Lakes.

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The "8" trail of Avigliana Lakes.

Page Type: Trail

Location: Turin, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 45.05575°N / 7.38730°E

Trail Type: Cross Country

County: Piedmont

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Aerobic Difficulty: Easy

Layout: Loop

Elevation Gain: 677 ft / 206 m

Length: 9.0 Mi / 14.5 Km

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The "eight" trail of Avigliana Lakes.

From Mount Pirchiriano 962 m., a complete overview on the Avigliana Lakes and the double ring of the Biking Trail.Susa Valley.

The natural park of Avigliana lakes covering an area of 409 hectares and is located in South-Southeast of the city of Avigliana in the province of Turin (Piedmont), just at the mouth of the Susa Valley.

The park is constituted by the immense Mareschi Marsh (partially open) and by the two Lakes of Avigliana, the small and the great.

The path-shaped "eight" that goes around the lakes, through the swamp and leads in the historical center of the city (to the ruins of the fortress), is ideal for mountain bikers.
is literally a "Full Immersion" in nature and history of the place.

Takes place with dirt roads and paved road travel in the midst of lush forests of: Poplars, willows, oaks, hornbeam and Alders.
With the ability to closely observe many species of migratory birds: the black kite, the water rail, moorhen, grebe, the gray heron, the kestrels and ospreys.
In the waters of the marsh and the two lakes they live: Carp, Chub and the perch.

Devoting a whole day on this trip, you can enjoy this paradise on earth, formed thousands of years ago following the disappearance of the glacier of Val di Susa.


Saint Michael.
Saint Michael

All this wonder below the severe and mighty gaze of the ancient monastery in the Alps: " Saint Michael XIth century", located on Mount Pirchiriano (992m.), but this......will be another page.

The path "eight" of Avigliana is perfect for Mountain Bikers, Bird Watching and for fishing enthusiasts.

Life is a wonderful thing!

On the Shore of the Lake.

Getting There

The Map.
Avigliana - Turin - Piedmont.

From Turin
• Take the Turin ring road, take (in the area of Rivoli-Bruere) motorway "A32" direction "Frejus tunnel." For the Park we recommend the 3rd exit (Avigliana-Giaveno). At the

entrance of the town follow the signs.
• Take the S.S. 25 follow the signs for Avigliana and at the roundabout at the entrance of the village turn left, go under the railway bridge and continue following the road signs.
• Take the S.S. 24 follow the signs for Avigliana and at the traffic lights at La Grangia then turn left at the intersection with the SS 25 exit and follow the directions.
• Take the S.S. 589 (Lakes State) after passing through the village of Tranent (about 1 Km) along the Little Lake Protected Area.

By train

• Railway "Turin-Modane" station Avigliana.
At the station there is a service bus line that goes in the direction Giaveno.

Other public transport

• Coach service SATTI line from Turin - Corso San Martino corner Via Boucheron (sta. Porta Susa) - and stop Avigliana Course in Dora 15 (Gare).By car

The Car Park.
Sada Village.
Avigliana Lake.


The Map

Bike route 190885 - powered by Bikemap 

The Trail

Let s Go!
Let's Go!

Starting from the picnic area of San Bartolomeo and Borgata Sada (car), simply follow the self-guided nature trail (signs along the way), that is marked in red.

From the parking area, a short descent leads us on the beach of the small lake over a small bridge over a canal flow, take the dirt road through the forest on the shores of the lake.

In the Forest.
Slalom required!Apart from the numerous horse droppings (which could not pass there).The path around the lake is great.Avigliana-TurinPiedmont.


After traveling the west side of the small lake you reach the "Bridge Jack". At the end of the small lake, you come to the road Via Giaveno (SP90), the cross and follow the path along the western shore of the big lake.

Ice & Water
Avigliana (Turin)
The Small Lake.


Once at the former powerhouse of the Nobel Dynamite Factory, cross the Channel Naviglia coming from Mareschi marsh.
With a shift to the right about 30 minutes you can walk along the banks of the canal and Mareschi marsh.

Returned to the factory of Dynamite, follow Via Monte Pirchiriano towards the city center of Avigliana, follow the signs for the Castle Savoy.

For the return,
The same street (Via Pirchiriano) but at Via Pontetto turn right in the direction of Big Lake
From this road you return to the starting point, but on the other side of the two lakes (North-East)

In the lake!

In short

The beach of the Small Avigliana Lake.Turin.Piedmont.
Length: 14.80 km
Walking time: 1h30 '
Difference in altitude: about 225 m
Difficulty: easy
Period: spring - summer - autumn
Type: Asphalt 6.74 km (49%) - dirt / trail 7.10 km (51%)
Starting point: Parking area equipped (St. Bartholomew) Small lake of Avigliana

When to Bike


The small lake of Avigliana (Piedmont).
A paradise for fischermen.


San Bartolomeo e Sada Village

Sada Village.
The ancient village of Sada.Starting point of the  Avigliana small lake Trail.Piedmont.

The village of San Bartolomeo and Sada were raised in a marginal position south of the small lake of Avigliana, was home to an ancient group of monks dependent on the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Michele.
The church, which is known from the XIIth century, contains a cycle of frescoes of the fifteenth century, now barely visible and in need of an urgent restoration.

Local tradition has it that the village was looted and destroyed by the Saracens, rebuilt by the Arduino Bald and again destroyed by Frederick Redbeard during its passage in the Susa Valley.

But these events generally reported as other villages near Avigliana, without precise statements documentary.
the villages (and Sada Saint Bartolomeo) arise on the slopes of Monte Italy to the south east of the small lake.
Sada village stands in an excellent position overlooking the lake, excellent sun exposure and is home to a stronghold which dominates the rural, ancient home of the Marquis of Tournour.

Starting Point.
The car Park in front of the ancient village of San Bartolomeo.
Avigliana Lakes (Turin).


The Mareschi Swamp

The  Mareschi  Swamp.

The marsh is traversed by a great channel "Naviglia", which is the collector of the Dora Riparia River and the Great Lake Avigliana.
in the area of the swamp in the XIXth century was built an ingenious system of canals radiating to "comb" the channel Naviglia.
This system was very important for the reproduction of cyprinids, especially carp, which laid eggs in the spring in the canals and ditches.
The fish fry were taken by the holders of fishing rights in the lakes and transferred using a fishing net called "Trubia."
the presence in the lakes of millions of fish fry was an effective action to contain the population of mosquitoes, whose larvae are a source of food for fish.

Since the twenties of the twentieth century the withdrawal of water for irrigation of the fields, in the summer causes a significant decrease in the water level of the lakes, resulting in drainage channels Mareschi and interruption of the reproductive cycle of many fish.

The Mareschi Marsh.
The "Mareschi" Swamp.


The heronry of Mareschi marsh.

The heronry is a colony of herons, in the Po valley there are about seventy along the Po river, in the rice fields and lagoons of the Adriatic sea.
In the area of Mareschi is a heronry of gray herons (Ardea cinerea) which was founded in 1989.
In 1994 there were already nineteen nests on tree tall.

The Heronry of Mareschi Marsch (Piedmont)

The Avigliana Castle

In the Castle.

It was probably built by the Marquesses Arduinici of Turin on the top of Mount Pezzulano at the beginning of the XIth Century. This castle was a seat for the Royal Court and as such it was used by the counts of Savoy at least from 1137.

Overview from the Ancient Castle.
The Avigliana Lakes as seen from the top of the ruined Savoy Castle.
Turin - Piedmont.


In the XIIth century Emperor Frederick (redbeard) destroyed the castle and burnt the town and his son Henry VI brought new destructions at the end of the same century.
Thomas of Savoy rebuilt the castle in 1189 and since then it became the residence of an importantlord of the count of Savoy. Afterwards it had mainly administrative and residential functions as we can see in some documents of the XIVth century, wich tell about a "magna sala", an "aula castri", the "camera domini comitis", the "gardaroba retro cameram", the
"capella" and the "turris falsa versus foloniam".The fresco in St.Peter's Church represents the castle at the end of the XVth century with a residential building with mullioned windows with two lights side. This look is confirmed by the picture of Theatrum Sabaudie, where we can see a square, embattled and fortified building with two towers, a round
one and a square one.

Ancient Paint of Avigliana (Piedmont)

In 1691, after conquering it, the French Marshal Catinat got it definitively demolished, leaving the remains we see nowadays.

Wildlife Paradise

<font color=red>Fireworks</font>.
The best fisherman of the lake.

The Family