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From the time of Icarus with wings of wax, Astolfo flying to the moon in search of the lost wits of Orlando, from the models of Leonardo Da Vinci to the first clumsy balloons,flying meant for humans what they symbolize the verses of Brecht

:"Cancel the affected animal origin (terrestrial), hover with the body and soul in heaven, where eagles dare and where religions (Olympians from the pagans to the Christians of our father who art in heaven) pave the divinity."

This endless dream became a reality day by the fantasy, courage and humility of two American manufacturers of bicycles....
...The Wright brothers.

Two great fans of cycling.
Wilbur and Orville Wright.

December 17 1903.

On a hill in North Carolina, on the beach in Kitty Hawk, for the first time in history it flies a plane with a combustion engine.
is the Flyer by Wilbur and Orville Wright.
The two brothers throw a coin to decide who will be the pilot, Orville wins that rises in the air for 12 seconds at a height of 3 meters.
Can travel 36.6 meters.
The Wright brothers Milton telegraph their father to tell him what happened.

The two timid Wright brothers were not two engineers or two imaginative billionaires looking for easy emotions, but simply two manufacturers of bicycles with a dream: "Volare".

The First Fly!


In 1892 the two brothers, taking advantage of the explosion of popularity that the bicycle he met in the United States at that time, they opened a store in Dayton, which they called

Wright Cycle Exchange, and later Wright Cycle Company;Initially confined to the activities of repair, rental and sale, but from 1896 they also began to produce bicycles designed and built entirely by the two of them.

The Wrights were able to sell their products at a very competitive price and also apportarono improvements to the basic structure of the original bikes of the time, invented the coaster brake, the use of which is still widespread.

(The bicycle shop of the Wright brothers as it appeared in 1937, after being transferred near the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Behind the building masonry Wilbur and Orville had built a hut in which then assembled their aircraft ).

The work by bicycle improved the skills of the Wright brothers about mechanical constructions, and also placed at their disposal the funds and equipment they needed to feed their growing interest in aviation.

Wilbur and Orville were passionate about the events of the German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal, who with his gliders and hang gliders had been able to make flights of considerable length, was his death in 1896 to encourage them to undertake a thorough investigation of the possibilities of human flight.

Shop and bicycle factory (1937).
Wright Factory.


The "Flyer".

The adventure begins with a few materials, cloth craft and mechanical cycling and experience of manufacturers bicilcette.
The balance which the rider must maintain downhill, bending speed in the body to overcome the forces of dynamics.

Their observations live of bird flight (pigeons, gulls, blackbirds), following them glide in the diagonal axis of the body, changing direction suddenly without ever "fall", giving or gaining share at will.

To win the Utopia of the flight had only a bicycle air.
The Wright Brothers get it with what in the jargon is called "wing warping", ie the change of shape of the wing that keeps every maneuver in the sky and makes existing aircraft.
From canvas and wood Kitty Hawk to supersonic jets.
Once an engine quite durable and light is applied to the wings capable of "Warping", the road of flight is open.

On December 17, 1903after the engine was warmed up, the two brothers shook hands, and Orville took his place, in the prone position, on the Flyer.

When the cable holding the Flyer was dropped, the plane taxied forward with accelerating at full throttle, and pulled away from land remaining in the air for 12 seconds, during which covered a distance of 36 m]. Orville Wright later wrote:
"It was a flight of 12 seconds, uncertain, wavering and shaky ... but was finally a real flight and not just glide. ยป

Two Italians are witnesses of this revolution,Federico Valle who in 1909 in Centocelle climbs on the chassis of the Flyer with Wilbur and turns the aircraft first movie in history.

In this World, there is always someone who .....
General Dohuet

and the General Giulio Dohuet,
He immediately clear the strategic importance of the invention of the Wright brothers.

In the Italo-Turkish war of 1911, only eight years after the experimental flight in Kitty Hawk, Dohuet writes a report on the useof the military aviation and the first of November the

Italian airmen affect Turkish troops to "Ain Zara", indeed inventing the aerial bombardment that will brand of blood the twentieth century.
(In fact, the first use of military aircraft in history was conducted by the Italians during that conflict).


FlyerThe Wright Fly.Shop and bicycle factory (1937).The First Fly!In this World, there is always someone who .....Two great fans of cycling.


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RayMondoGreat History


Voted 10/10

If they could have seen today's jets, they would have thought that Aliens have arrived. But how advanced they were at that time.
Posted Jul 8, 2013 7:08 pm

chabertonRe: Great History


Hasn't voted

Thank you very much Ray, I too am very passionate about their history.
Also because ((up to yesterday)I did not know that they were bicycle manufacturers.
Posted Jul 9, 2013 2:15 am

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