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The Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day.

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The Judgment Day.

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Cyclopics works to restore the Road.

Grit your teeth, my friend.
The nineteenth-century way.
The ancient Road.
They concluded the work to prepare the stretch of high mountains of the Provincial Road 172 to the passage of the caravan of the Tour of Italy on the Hill of the windows.

At a cost of 22,000 Euro + VAT, the entire stretch of dirt road on the side Meana was then milled and paved, for a terrain as smooth and safe as possible. This morning went into action the rollers, through which you can level and stabilize the road surface.

Also with regard Chisone valley, the Provincial 172 has been the subject of work, with cleaning docks and the remaking of the stripes on the side bordering the roadway.
In view of the Tour, at the request of Usseaux the Province has allocated EUR 12,000 to clean up the county road between Pian dell'Alpe and Pourrieres from twigs and dirt accumulated during the winter, to patch a hole and trace the side strips delineation of the roadway.
The surgery was carried out by Roads Service roadmen of the Province. In recent weeks, however, the roadmen were committed to free 172 from the provincial snow on both sides, using the drills and shovels.
Moreover, even in paved roads, were carried out cutting or pruning of trees that obstructed the passage, clean drains and lateral arrangement of the docks.

Anatomy of the Giant.

The climb (18 km) starts with a slope of almost constant at 9%, then open 9 thousand meters of dirt road for a total of 45 hairpin bends and a drop of nearly 1700 meters.
Once up on top at an altitude of 2178 opens the descent, 11 km insidious. Over not a chance.
Ahead with the climb to Sestriere, 16.2 km with peaks at 9%. For a total of 242 grueling kilometers.

The last deadly <b>Ring</b>!

Saturday, May 28 racers, from Verbania and direct in Sestriere, circulates through the windows of 2178 meters of the Hill, which connects the Val Susa and Val Chisone, after dealing with the ascent from Susa Valley slope of Meana.
Once "scollinati", the cyclists will face at full speed the descent towards the Alpe Pian and Usseaux, which will precede the final ascent to the Colle del Sestriere.

The race ... a national festival.
Bicycles in the snow.

May 28, 2011 - Now is the day of judgment. The last giant of this tour is the infinite Hill of Windows, with its dirt, its scenic views with the sunlight or scary in the fog of the worst days. Court date for climbers "those under 60 pounds," as he calls them Roman Kreuziger.

For pure climbers.

"I will not even see them - he joked Contador before the table altitude - the Hill of windows is a hard climb, with many curves for pure climbers.
Scarponi and Rujano will try from far and someone will end up losing many minutes. you will see that also affect the weather because if it rains as much as yesterday will be a hell "(actually, should the sun shine).
<FONT COLOR=RED>The Jugment Day.</FONT>

Rank 2011.

Victory for the Belarusian Vasili Kiryienka that separates a revived Jose Rujano of 4'43 ", the Pink Jersey with the best at 5'58".
Michele Scarponi in the last 22 seconds off of a Vincenzo Nibali in great difficulty.
Ride Dad!
First Award for the Simpathy.

The Military Road - History.

Above the village of Meana, branches, locked chestnut woods, a path full of interesting achievements of road engineering, implemented to overcome the considerable altitude mountain (1700m.).
Going slowly, chestnut trees give way to conifer, and later climbing in plan Tiraculo in meadows, which converge on the head of the valley until it reaches a height of 2215 meters the Col of the Windows.
In 1888, the military road that was built starting from Meana, climbed the hill to the crossing of the windows, and then descend to PrĂ  Catinat and Fenestrelle. Combining the two Valleys, with a good stock (Susa and Chsione).
The road was built with a plan to run five meters wide. For the boldness of the track, was judged one of the most impressive works of military engineering road.

Old plan (1883)
Original Plan 1883.

How to put in evidence the French commenting the works on a military review of the Alps: "Les Italiens ingegneurs ont bien travaillé au col de la Fenestre".
The final cost of the direction of the military genius of Turin was of 484,000 lire (of that time).

Until the sixteenth century, the whole area was fortified by the Piedmont. The crest of the divide that separates the valley Susa from the Valley Chisone, was considered strategic for the defense of the border with France. At the same time were built, with great difficulty due to the high altitude, many roads that led from the valley floor to the fortified positions. For nearly four centuries, this road system of high altitude, was continuously improved and extended, gradually allowing the transit of large contingents, of not only military but also wagons, artillery, and finally trucks.
Overall, the entire road system of the Plateau of Assietta is thirty Km. of dirt roads, of which nine kilometers from Meana to the Windows Hill (drop 1700m), characterized by a constant gradient of 9% and 45 switchbacks, are a bright and accessible example of this engineering masterpiece of mountain road.

Guns on the hill of the windows (1900).
The Fort of the Hill of the Windows.

The fort of the windows hill was built in 1891, digging into the rock of the hill; was manned by 130 men and armed with two rapid-fire guns in armored retractable dome.
On the rocks in front of the fort are still visible incisions left by the military that have ruled the fort.
The whole area is surrounded by rhododendrons in late summer color of fuchsia on the hill.

Night Show is Guaranteed!.

To witness the passing of competitors on the Hill of the Windows, you should equip itself to the hill and spend the night (thousands of people come to attend the mountain stage).

The bastion of the old fort is a sheltered and safe area.

The night show is guaranteed!
The night before the race.
Night Show!


The last deadly <b>Ring</b>!Giro d\'<FONT COLOR=GREEN>It</FONT><FONT COLOR=GREY>al</FONT><FONT COLOR=RED>ia</FONT>.<FONT COLOR=RED>The Jugment Day.</FONT>The night before the race.The race ... a national festival.Bicycles in the snow.<i>Smile</i> <FONT COLOR=RED>(</FONT><b>O</b><FONT COLOR=CYAN>:</FONT> You\'re on television!
The nineteenth-century way.Old plan (1883)Guns on the hill of the windows (1900).Ride Dad!Grit your teeth, my friend.