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The Visentin's bikes: a familly story

The Visentin's bikes: a familly story

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The Visentin\'s bikes:  a familly story

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Created/Edited: Dec 15, 2009 / Mar 11, 2011

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The Red Specialized

Crosso pockets
Red Specialized

In snowy <a href= http://www.mbpost.com/album/268216/wroclaw.html >Wrocław</a>...
Polish job...

This is a very old bike we have in my familly since 1992, and which became more or less unofficially my bike with the apparition of the second Specialized. I rode this bike many times in France with my father during excursions with his club around. I also used it being a student in Tarbes, and it was also with me in some other locations where I worked, including in the Corr├Ęze where I did some fine rides, and in Paris, where a doubtful service manager asserted me it had to be thrown and replaced.
I have it again with me since the year after I moved to Poland (2006), and used it extensively at the beginning to explore the surroundings of my city. I use it now only for going through the town. It is now featured with the frame for the bags we can see on the picture (from a loading test). I don't do much cyclotouring but use them often enough for the weekly fruit market job !
It had many major critical issues with many rare (odd) parts to be replaced, each time successfully thanks to a couple of very helpful services in Wroclaw. Nowadays, not much from the original bike remains but the iron frame, which seems immortal. However the bike is getting older and older, and its act of death might be stated one of these days when the bearings of the crank hub will fail. The hub, according to the last news, is unremoveable, "welded by the time", and any attempt to do it by the force may be fatal...

The Blue Specialized

Blue Specialized

Bicycle cleaning

My father bought this alu bike in 1996, together with his best friend who has an identical twin. This is another bike of excellent conception, with very few issues so far, and which doesn't look its age at all.
This is the bike with which my father did many memorable long distance trails with his fellows, in several regions of the south of France. Since 2004, after he decided to switch from hardtail to sussie, this bike spent few more sabbatic seasons, until, following my increasing interest in riding Poland, we agreed it could join back his red brother in Wroclaw, and have the privilege to serve for my sporty rides, being half-suspended. This bike spent a whole year in Poland and did many magnificent rides which will always remain in my memories, above all the summer holidays in Gorce. The same year, in France, my father acquired a broken suspended frame, successfully welded. A travel by car in May 2009 was the occasion to swap both bikes. Since then, I have ridden it once more in the Pyrenees as we came back for the summer vacations. Now my father uses it alternatively to the one he has for trails that fit semi-rigid bike. Despite a tired fourch suspension, this bike still has a bright future ahead.
It is during one of the first rides with this bike, when I was 19, that occured my most severe bike accident: overtaking by the right cars who waited at the red light, from one of them the right passenger, an old woman, suddently decided to go to buy bread. The corner of the door went 2cm deep into my shoulder and instead of bread she got a soup of blood mixed with mud (I came back from a dirty wet ride). The injury was fortunately not grave but I keep a scar of it.

The green Q-bikes

What used to be my pride, now corpus mortem...
Q-Bikes Tracker One

Familly-meeting :)
Blue Specialized meets Qbikes for a swap
Familly ride
The 2 Qbikes and the Scott

After the Specialized, the Q-Bikes brand became the next generation of bikes used by the Visentin's, since my father's other suspended bike is also a Q-Bikes, model Tracker Two (together with my brother-in-law who got a Scott). Unfortunately the conception gap between one and two is quite huge, and the two cracks which occured on this frame witeness it: the first which was welded, and another one appeared in Poland, much more critical, substancially repaired too, with a much doubtful solution... Tracker Two is not exempt of any reproaches as well, according to my father there are many inaccuracies in the dimensions.
After finding a superb occasion of acquiring a very good new frame for a very attractive price, this bike, just like his predecessor, will take an early retreat from Poland just after one year. I am a bit sad because despite all of this, it was a very nice bike to ride, very comfortable, and with which I also spent great moments, like the Pieniny. Added to this, I have no idea what will happen to it: selling it with the crack or not, repairing it in order to "hide it" and sell it too... I don't know too much. I am a bit confused because I would feel ashamed to give a defectuous frame to someone, and on the other hand I know it is not totally dead (it did some major rides with the already cracked and repaired vertical tube). One possible option could be to feature it with cheap accessories and make it a city bike when the red dies. But I am also afraid of leaving a suspended bike locked in random places in a Polish city... A variant of this could be a new swap with the blue Specialized.

The Tomac 98

Happy new year !
Tomac 98

2010 frame ?

This is the frame we purchased last year, "remotely" in France, and then mounted in Poland into a guesthouse few hours before Sylvester' 10 ! It was tried meantime before that with the elements of the Tracker Two of my father in France a couple of times, who had only optimistic feedbacks about it: light, and reactive. Which proved to be true, during all my rides of 2011 !


20 years :)Familly-meeting :)MB-Borat got his present !The TomacFamilly shot. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


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Andy LivoGreat

Andy Livo

Voted 10/10

page Eric. Really interesting which bikes you had and when. I may do a page like this myself!!
Posted Dec 16, 2009 12:17 pm

VisentinRe: Great


Hasn't voted

Indeed I was inspired by your "bikes I owned or have ridden" :)
Then I decided to append the log page to it
Posted Dec 16, 2009 12:46 pm

Andy LivoRe: Great

Andy Livo

Voted 10/10

Keep looking at that Tomac bike of your's Eric. I think you are going to have a great Christmas!!!
Posted Dec 19, 2009 10:48 am

MalibuThanks for the story


Voted 10/10

Very good read, Eric. Also, nice connection to your riding experiences and terrific photos with the links. The new Tomac looks solid. Merry Christmas!

Posted Dec 19, 2009 11:43 am

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