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Too many bikes? Build a simple rack.

Too many bikes? Build a simple rack.

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Too many bikes?  Build a simple rack.

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A good problem

I used to have only one bike, a mountain bike.
Then I bought a road bike and realized how it could complement my mountain biking and allowed me to ride when the trails were unridable, and then I had two bikes.
I then started hearing a lot about how great singlespeeding was, so I thought that I'd like to try that, and then I had three.
I soon realized that I didn't want to lock up any of these bikes at work or the bar or the grocery store, so a commuter/grocery bike made four.

My problem is small compared to some who feel that four bikes is a good starting point and I could probably ditch the singlespeed, but I keep thinking that this winter I'll ride it more.

So along with the rest of the bikes of my family, it was becoming a holy mess of jumbled bars, pedals in spokes and on deraillers, and chipped paint. And inevitably the bike I wanted to ride today was under the rest of the leaning bikes, and by now I'm beginning to think that I might as well just drive, for as long as it will take to dig the one I want out.
Before Rack Stack
The "before rack" stack

Something needed to be done. I'm no handyman and have a limited number of tools, but with careful planning this simple rack was an ease to build and install.

The Rack

Rack Plans
The Plan

This is a simple bike rack/shelf made with 2 x 4s and plywood, costing around $40 in materials and a couple of hours of assembly and hanging (less for most, probably). I chose a length of 8 feet, since those were a readily available length of lumber and I had the hardware store make all the cuts since I don't have a radial saw. An 8 foot length allows me to hang 6 bikes (or 5 bikes and one unicycle) and gives a good amount of storage space above.

I first nailed the shelf together with the 2 lengths and 3 crossbeams on the floor. Next nailing the plywood top on.
I measured the height based on the length of the longest bike and was able to balance the rack on a ladder plus a cooler that placed it at approximately the right height (it was a little sketchy, but worked.)
I then drilled pilot holes and screwed the rack to the wall in the studs with lag screws, while maintaining support with the ladder/cooler combo.
The next step was attaching the diagonal supports which I screwed to the wall and under the rack with 3 inch wood screws.
I added braces at the wall that I found at the hardware store that may not be necessary but give me peace of mind when I hang my bikes up.
Hooks were added to the front to hang the bikes from and a couple on the sides for spare tires or wheels.
Ready for bikes
Just needs hooks

Other notes:
It would be helpful to have a second set of hands while drilling and attaching the rack to the wall, but could be accomplished solo.
The diagonal supports can be undercut a bit and still will be able to snug in, but if they are too long will stick out and not look as neat.
Hanging Neatly
Nice Rack

If your sick of stacked bikes and have the room on a wall for this rack, it's an easy solution that gets your bikes up off the ground and easily accessible.


Before Rack StackReady for bikesHanging NeatlyRack Plans


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Voted 10/10

Interesting article but I have but 1 bike. (at least now ;) )
Posted Nov 29, 2007 7:55 pm



Hasn't voted

Yeah... good idea ;-) but i have the same problem like Cedar. One bike (too expensive).
"no bike, no life"
Posted Feb 17, 2008 4:19 am

nolen951nice rack

Hasn't voted

My question is will it hurt the moutain bike if it has front shocks for off road.
Posted Feb 4, 2009 11:43 pm

junodirtriderRe: nice rack


Voted 10/10

No not at all. My version is dumbed down a bit as I just have a 2x6 nailed into wall studs with hooks spaced out every 18-20 inches. It works great and is real cheap.
Posted Aug 15, 2009 12:44 am

RayMondoNice Job


Voted 10/10

A good bit of lateral think by alternating bars up, bars down. Sometimes things are just so obvious that even with great intellect one just doesn't see it. A nice post. Thanks.

I guess the wall brackets are ready-made from the store?
Posted Sep 16, 2010 12:52 pm

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