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Šumava - Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)
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Šumava - Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)

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Šumava - Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)

Page Type: Area/Bike Park

Location: Austria/Czech Republic/Germany, Europe

Trail Type: Cross Country, Mountain, Cyclocross, Touring

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall


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Empty roads in the Šumava  national park
Prachatice, old town nestled in mountains
Freistadt, the castle

Most of the Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains, and what we call the mountains of Bomemia represent all the western and southern part of this perimeter.
The highest massif is known as Šumava, which is also the name of the national park.
These mountains are shared with Austria and Germany, and own the highest tops of Czech Republic out of the Sudety, like Plechý, or the highest north from the Danube if we look in Bavaria :
- Velký Javor / Großer Arber (1456)
- Velký Roklan / Großer Rachel (1453)
- Plechý / Plöckenstein (1378)
This is an old mountain range mainly made of metamorphic rocks like granite, and with an interesting geology. Few mountain lakes lie into glaciar corries : Plešné jezero, Černé jezero, Čertovo jezero , Prášilské jezero, Jezero Laka, Plešné jezero; Quite surprising when we look at the height !

In the mountains Šumava is born the Vltava, the river that crosses Prague, and tributary of the Elbe ; tributary only in books, everyone knows in Czech that the Vltava is much longer and brings most of the water than the upper Elbe. The queen river !

Šumava, like most of mountain ranges in Czech Republic, owns all the possible facilities for some very good cyclotouring and mountainbiking. Routes are marked as well as can be, and accommodations for this type of trip is everywhere.

Furthermore the region has a very rich historical and cultural background, hosting several magnificent old towns, castles, cloister and so on; Český Krumlov the medieval being the most touristic, and České Budějovice known for being the city of the famous Budweiser beer (the real one not the copy !)
Lipenské jezero - the  sea of Šumava

Getting There

Vyšší Brod cloister
Lipenské jezero - the  sea of Šumava
Český Krumlov view from the castle
Rožmberk castle

Šumava is located near a road axis that links České Budějovice to the Austrian city of Linz.

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Lipenské jezero - the  sea of Šumava


Český Krumlov, View over the city
Vyšší Brod town centre
Freistadt, old town
Freistadt, city town hall

A lot of portals summarize all accomodations on internet, but unfortunately rarely in English or foreign languages. Since an inventary of all of them would be too much work, and the data is changing constantly, here are only a couple of tips to help to sort it out.

Here is a small lexicon:

- Accomodation = Unterkunft (AU), Ubytovanie (CZ)
- Hotel = Hotel/Hotel. "Hostels" often designate Youth hostels or motels.
- Green lodge = Ferienbauernhof (AU), Agroturistika (CZ)
- Guesthouse = Pension (AU), Penzión (CZ/SK)
- Summer residence = Sommerhaus (AU), Chalupa (CZ)
- Flat for rent = Privatzimmer (AU), Privat (CZ)
- Mountain hut = Berghütte (AU), Chata/Horsky Hotel (CZ)
- Restaurant = Restaurant (AU), Restaurace (CZ)
- Campsite = Campingplatz(AU), or Kemp/Tábořiště/ATM (CZ)
Lipenské jezero - the  sea of Šumava