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RayMondoFree bottled water


Voted 10/10

That is the best. Natural. If we all stopped buying water in plastic bottles there would not be a plastic island floating in the Pacific.
The world's rubbish dump
Posted Jun 12, 2010 5:25 pm

rustybikeRe: Free bottled water


Voted 10/10

Apart form the a wealth of plastic bags and bottles gradually leading to the extinction of such species as turtles which mistake them for jellyfish , the ocean is gradually becoming the all purpose dump for everything we dare consider as too nausiating to recycle namely the sewage which despite the ability microorganisms have to consume the waste has lead to the major degradation of coastal areas from smothered coral reefs to fish suffering from an abundance of parasitic infestations,skin lesions and disease... And if pollution wasn't enough, over fishing has so depleted the oceans of fish stocks that species that depend on fish to survive are condemned to gradually disappear... Trawlers still bring in a bounty having sonar (and satellite surveillance) to count on which they extensively use in an ocean increasingly devoid of fish schools...

Regarding the dramatic decline in populations of wildlife dependant on fish for their survival, it is interesting to note that populations of shore birds on the west coast were previously documented as facing starvation in being in the inability to find the sardines they count on to survive...

With regards to the obvious once considering the imperative there is to adopt a responsable attitude that takes into consideration not only the present but the future, with due consideration for the issue of environmental degradation, are you of the opinion that despite a greater level of environmental awareness promoted in industrialised nations there is the possibility that our religious beliefs based on the omnipotence and omniscience of divine providence prevents some from demonstrating more of a responsable and self conscious attitude mostly once it comes down to the senseless overexploitation of a finite resource ? Hopefully irresponsability does not follow suit to the belief in the all providing god which resolves all problems...

Furthermore; please take note that the large amounts of hydrocarbons ultimately ending up in the oceans as the result of domestic and industrial activity (leakage of motor oil and leakage and evaporation of gasoline being examples the evaporated gasoline ending up in ground water with rainfall) are gradually causing the oceans to look like cesspools that are starting to contain sufficient quantities of mutagenic and potentially cancerigenic compounds (like the benzene in gasoline ) to oblige serious questions despite the belief in the all mighty dollar bill to resolve the most pressing problems...

To get back to the bottled water issue; after a superficial analysis of the contents of spring water comparatively to the bottled kind it is clear in my mind that some of the bottled kind in containing more bicarbonate, magnesium and sulphate ions must contain some added baking soda and epsom salts ! Mind you, Vichy water is known to naturally contain such salts in abundance !

As for trailside spings, they are definitely welcome refreshment, my best spring to be found along the #2 bike path north of Nominigue !
Posted Jun 14, 2010 1:46 pm

VisentinRe: Free bottled water


Hasn't voted

At least that water from Sleza is safe ! ;)
Posted Jun 28, 2010 5:05 am

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