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Winter ride along the Widawa river

Winter ride along the Widawa river

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Wrocław's gateway to the countryside

So, it was -8'C, bright sun into a dry blue clear sky, frozen ground hard as concrete. Hadn't been like this for ages. OK, we're Friday, but...

A phone call to my workplace later, I changed my usual commuting route to the exciting unknown : since I was given a map of the Wrocław communal woods with some local trails on it, it turned out that the south dyke (the one on the city side, to protect it from floodings) had a locally renowned biking trail. I had to test it.

Starting from the old bed of that river, called "stara Widawa" (formerly joining the Odra on the far east side of the city near Biskupin), and finishing at its mouth into the Odra, in the westernmost opposite end, makes a significantly long ride.

Most of the banks are very nice to ride, and often scenical. However in some places, since these trails aren't as frequented as those of the Odra, moles mound, horses footprints and ruts from various engines (quads, tractors), make the ride much slower and uncomfortable than we would wish.
The river goes further into the countryside as we ride it westwards, and enters gradually the plain countryside. Deers are easily seen, prey birds and so on.

I was planning to complete the ride till the mouth, but had to interrupt it near the goal: I got blocked by a secondary stream coming aside and obstructing the ride, which forced me to return via the road from Oborniki. Reaching the road was really pain in the ass as I arrived into the backyard of a house guarded by a ferocious dog (the mill in the last pic). Had to circumvent the garden and climb the bush below the asphalt of the road...

Las Lesicki, the last missing part, is a large forest into which dense possibilities of mountainbiking will certainly justify a return...


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