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Cycling in Wrocław

This album is a compilation of pictures of the city where I live since 2005 (before, I always lived in France). These are not the most commonly seen sights of Wrocław with main monuments and buildings, but my favourite places and ways.

Called the "Polish Venice", Wrocław is located on many islands and parts of the river Odra (Oder in German), which makes as many cycling trails.
I cycle in Wroclaw for my pleasure, alone or with my favourite partner.

But I cycle also as often as I can to go to my workplace, some 10-15 km far (depending on which way I take, closer or less from the city centre). Fortunately the long distance is compensated by the fact I can cycle peacefully out of the traffic jams, following some of the Odra shores.

Some pictures (with mist and sunrise for example) were taken around 7am as I was going to work. Only icy roads or heavy rain make me renounce ! When the snow is good I also ride on it, see this separate album.

Some who might have experienced the poor quality of polish roads may also ask how is cycling closer to the city center. Well, I will not lie, the citizen of Wroclaw needs more a mountain-bike than a standard bicycle ! But the quality of the streets and communications have improved a lot during the last years, and a lot of cycling tracks were built along main avenues.

Central Europe is also well known for the beautiful autumn when so many leaves turn reddish-yellow. Polish people call it "Złota Jesień", "golden summer" word by word or more exactly "indian summer". This is my favourite season, for the cool temperatures and stable weather. Most of my pictures were taken during this season.

I hope I will manage through this album to communicate you my love of this city.




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